Why Vitamin C Is Crucial For Hair Growth, From Experts

Vitamin C boasts an impressive resume of health benefits, as the essential nutrient directly supports our joints, cells, brains, hearts, skin, and, yes, our strands.* You can read all about the benefits here, but when it comes to hair growth, vitamin C supports your strands in a few different ways.*

First up: “Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, which is one of the most critical nutrients for your hair,”* certified trichologist and founder of Advanced Trichology William Gaunitz, FWTS, says about hair vitamins. See, without proper iron intake, hair follicles do not function properly—so you want to make sure you get enough in your diet. 

Perhaps you’re most familiar with vitamin C’s ability to promote the function and resilience of a healthy immune system.* Well, a resilient immune system is also crucial for healthy hair: According to Gaunitz, a robust immune system allows the scalp to combat microbes that shouldn’t be there at a more efficient level, thus improving hair growth, too.

Finally, vitamin C’s antioxidant properties help neutralize oxidative stress and free radicals, which contribute to hair aging (shedding, graying, etc.).* Yep, hair ages just like the rest of your body, which is why people experience hair thinning as they get older. Antioxidants have been shown to promote hair longevity, so experts recommend eating foods high in antioxidants and leveraging an antioxidant-focused supplement with your diet, if you’re looking for an extra daily nudge.* 

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