Why Poached Eggs Are The Next Breakfast Order You Should Try

Eggs are an excellent vegetarian source of protein that are packed with a range of nutrients to help keep you full and satisfied after eating. However, when you’re ordering them at a restaurant, the door is suddenly open to methods of cooking that involve less nutritious oils that may have inflammatory properties. “Seed oils happen more often than not in most restaurants,” Sisson previously told mbg. Instead, poached eggs are a simple (and delicious!) alternative for your breakfast order.

“Poached eggs are guaranteed to be seed oil-free,” he explains in a recent newsletter. “They are simply simmered eggs. You could try asking for soft boiled or hard boiled eggs, but most places won’t do that.” Thankfully poached eggs are generally available at most restaurants. “Just make sure to ask them to really drain them well, otherwise you’ll have a puddle of water on your plate,” he adds.

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