Why mbg’s Collagen Powder Is A+ For Supporting Nail Health

I experienced noticeable results with this collagen powder. I even put this supplement to the test by taking a few weeks off, and I noticed those beneficial effects start to diminish—signaling to me that this is one supplement I have to keep as a part of my daily routine.

In addition to the well-researched hydrolyzed collagen peptides, this blend includes a plethora of other good-for-you ingredients, including skin and gut support from hyaluronic acid, biotin, vitamins C and E, L-glutamine, and more.* I can’t say the same about the powders I had tried previously—mindbodygreen’s formula truly passes with flying colors.

I was so committed to finding a collagen supplement that worked for me that I typically ignored the strong, pungent smell and taste that most powders had—just another reason mbg beauty & gut collagen+ beats the competition. Not only is the unflavored option actually unflavored, but the chocolate variety satisfies my sweet craving for the day, sans added sugars. 

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