Why Is Switzerland the Headquarters of Emperors?

Switzerland is supposed to be a neutral country, but serves as the banking epicenter for the mega-rich. It’s also home to the global and regional headquarters of more than 850 international companies, including Biogen, Caterpillar, Dow, DuPont, Google, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez, Procter & Gamble and more.1

Each year, the world’s elite also hop into their private jets and descend upon Davos, Switzerland, a city known for its luxury ski resorts, as it’s the location of the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting, also known as the Davos Forum. It seems something shady is flowing through Switzerland, which has a sinister history of protecting Nazis during WWII.

Not only did Swiss officials close the country’s borders to Jewish refugees, essentially “helping the Nazi regime achieve its goals,”2 but the country “served as a repository for Jewish capital smuggled out of Nazi Germany and the states threatened by it, and also for vast quantities of gold and other valuables plundered from Jews and others all over Europe.”3

Switzerland was involved in laundering hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen assets4 and actively supported Nazi economic interests during and after WWII,5 putting a different spin on the prestigious reputation of Swiss banks.

Financial Coverups for Billionaires?

Millionaires and billionaires flock to Switzerland to stash their money, lured by the anonymity and safety that Swiss banks promise. Switzerland has a long tradition of providing refuge for undeclared money for emperors, dictators and other world leaders.

Processes that ensure anonymity of clients are central to its long-standing reputation as the banking capital of the world. Historically, Ashish Shanker, head of investments at Motilal Oswal, explained:6

“Even though banking began in Italy, it was the Swiss who defined what is modern banking today. From numbered accounts to secret vaults and cutting edge technology — the Swiss were responsible for introducing all of this and more to the banking sector … They also put into place high-tech processes that ensured the anonymity of their clients.

The only people who would have access to the identity of the client would be the private banker and a couple of other high-ranking managers, making the entire operation highly secretive.

Over the centuries, the Swiss laws were also designed in a manner that made it almost impossible to even find out if someone had an account in a Swiss bank, let alone find out details about it. And the distinction that the Swiss draw between tax evasion and tax fraud made it even more difficult for governments to chase criminals.”

Today, Swiss banks abide by legislation and regulations that prioritize security and confidentiality of foreign-deposit accounts.7 Privacy at banks in Switzerland could be compared to confidentiality between doctors and patients, or clients and attorneys, in the U.S., and Swiss laws restrict banks from providing information about an account without the depositor’s permission.

If a bank provides details about a depositor’s identity to a foreign government or investigator without legal cause, it may be prosecuted by the Swiss government — the exceptions being if the depositor is accused by a government agency of engaging in criminal acts, or in cases of bankruptcy, divorce or inheritance issues.8

While anti-money laundering laws also require depositors to reveal the source of their funds, in ordinary circumstances it’s possible to open and hold a Swiss bank account that very few people will know exists. Along with high levels of privacy, which attract people looking to stash large amounts of money they don’t want other people to know about, Swiss banks provide low risk investment.

Switzerland’s government is stable and hasn’t been involved in a war with another country since 1505,9 which means finances are kept safe from conflicts. There’s also a Depositor Protection Association, which guarantees that if a depositor’s bank becomes insolvent, funds will be paid within one month of the bank’s failure. Switzerland also has a solid economy that’s rarely affected by international strife.10

Switzerland Actively Courts Foreign Corporate Giants

Switzerland is also keen on attracting international companies, touting their flexible labor laws, availability of qualified personnel and attractive tax environment as ideal for corporate headquarters. Nearly three-quarters of Switzerland’s companies come from North America and Europe, followed by Japan, China and other areas of the Asia-Pacific region. According to the Switzerland Global Enterprise:11

“Switzerland offers an exceptional number of advantages: a strategic location in the heart of Europe, a high standard of living and secure and reliable infrastructure as well as an attractive taxation system. Switzerland’s high level of stability and legal certainty enable planning security, and companies benefit from the very good availability of highly qualified workers.

World-renowned research institutes and universities as well as efficient knowledge and technology transfer are important success factors that have earned Switzerland first place in the WIPO Global Innovation Index for many years.”

Meanwhile, the annual Davos Forum, which takes on a different theme each year, provides a global platform for business leaders, government officials, academia and other members of society to discuss “critical issues.”12 The WEF is one of the key players behind The Great Reset, with their “new normal” dictum that, by 2030, you will own nothing and be happy.13

In such a scheme, the world’s resources will be owned and controlled by the technocratic elite. All items and resources are to be used by the collective, while actual ownership is restricted to an upper stratum of social class. Just how “upper class”?

To even attend the WEF annual meeting, you must be privately invited or a member of WEF, which costs $65,000 to $650,000.14 The attendance badge for the meeting is extra and cost another $27,000 — in 2020 — just to get entrance to the conference.15

Switzerland and the DC Sewer — Control the Money

The Washington, D.C.-based World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were founded at the Bretton Woods conference in 1944.16 Each has 189 member countries, and in order to join the IMF, they must first join the World Bank Group. With a stated mission to “reduce poverty and increase shared prosperity,” World Bank Group works in tandem with IMF, which “serves to stabilize the international monetary system and acts as a monitor of the world’s currencies.”17

However, while the facade of these institutions appears to be investments in social infrastructure — schools, health systems, drinking water, sanitation and environmental protection — at the foundation is a move for ultimate control. According to economist and geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig, who worked with the World Bank for more than 30 years:18

“Not only are they regularly lending huge sums of money to horror regimes around the world, but they blackmail poor nations into accepting draconian conditions imposed by the west. In other words, the WB and the IMF are guilty of the most atrocious human rights abuses.”

These financial institutions were created “under the Charter of the United Nations, and instigated by the United States,” he notes, but, “Gradually people are opening their eyes to an abject reality, of exploitation and coercion and outright blackmail.” A parallel line can be seen among what’s happening with these institutions and what’s occurring in Switzerland, and it’s all about controlling the money. Koenig explained:

“In July 1944 more than 700 delegates of 44 Allied Nations (allied with the winners of WWII) met at the Mount Washington Hotel, situated in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States, to regulate the international monetary and financial order after WWII.

Let’s be sure, this conference was carried out under the auspices of the United States, the self-declared winner of WWII, and from now on forward the master over the financial order of the world — which was not immediately visible, an agenda hidden in plain sight …

The IMF was officially created to ‘regulate’ the wester, so-called convertible currencies, those that subscribed to apply the rules of the new gold standard … The World Bank, or the Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), was officially set up to administer the Marshall Plan for the Reconstruction of war-destroyed Europe.”

World Bank and IMF Provide Aid — With Strings Attached

The COVID-19 pandemic played into the plan, with the World Bank and IMF offering debt relief in the form of grants or low interest loans to countries collapsing economically during the pandemic.

There were strings attached, of course. Koenig noted, “You must follow the rules laid out by WHO, you must follow the rules on testing on vaccination, mandatary vaccination — if you conform to these and other country-specific rules, like letting western corporations tap your natural resources — you may receive, WB and IMF assistance.”19 Once countries accept the aid, they’re further indebted while the elite at the top gain ever-increasing control:20

“These institutions have no quarrels in generating dollars, as the dollar is fiat money, not backed by any economy — but can be produced literally from hot air and lent to poor countries, either as debt or as grant.

These countries, henceforth and for pressure of the international financial institutions will forever become dependent on the western masters of salvation. Covid-19 is the perfect tool for the financial markets to shovel assets from the bottom to the top.

In order to maximize the concentration of the riches on top, maybe one or two or even three new covid waves may be necessary. That’s all planned, The WEF has already foreseen the coming scenarios, by its tyrannical book “Covid-19 — The Great Reset”.

It’s all laid out. And our western intellectuals read it, analyze it, criticize it, but we do not shred it apart — we let it stand, and watch how the word moves in the Reset direction. And the plan is dutifully executed by the World Bank and the IMF — all under the guise of doing good for the world.”

Further, in October 2021, IMF’s acting chief Kristalina Georgieva was involved in a data scandal, including accusations that she pressured subordinates to boost China’s position in an influential World Bank report.21 After a review by the lender’s board, she was allowed to remain in her top position. Sam Callahan tweeted after the fact, “One of the most important accusations in the world went under everyone’s radar.”22

WEF Pandemic Going as Planned

The move for global control by an elite few has been ongoing since long before the pandemic. Koenig explained:23

“What’s different from the World Bank and IMF’s role before the covid plandemic? — Nothing. Just the cause for exploitation, indebtment, enslavement. When covid came along it became easy. Before then and up to the end of 2019, developing countries, mostly rich in natural resources of the kind the west covets, oil, gold, copper and other minerals, such as rare earths, would be approached by the WB, the IMF or both.

They could receive debt relief, so-called structural adjustment loans, no matter whether or not they really needed such debt. Today these loans come in all forms, shapes and colors, literally like color-revolutions, for instance, often as budget support operations — I simply call then blank checks — nobody controls what’s happening with the money.

However, the countries have to restructure their economies, rationalizing their public services, privatizing water, education, health services, electricity, highways, railroads — and granting foreign concessions for the exploitation of natural resources.”

The deep state doesn’t want independent countries or people — it wants global power, which it’s achieving via a redistribution of wealth. The COVID-19 pandemic has succeeded in making the wealthiest even richer, with a new billionaire joining the elite few about every 30 hours during the pandemic, according to an analysis by Oxfam.24

The report found that the net worth of billionaires increased by $3.8 trillion, or 42%, reaching $12.7 trillion during the pandemic, while 573 people gained billionaire status since 2020. There are now 2,668 billionaires worldwide. “A large part of the increase has been fueled by strong gains in the stock markets, which was aided by governments injecting money into the global economy to soften the financial blow of the coronavirus,” CNN reported.25

“I’ve never seen such a dramatic growth in poverty and growth in wealth at the same moment in history,” Max Lawson, head of inequality policy at Oxfam told CNN.

“It’s going to hurt a lot of people.”26 This is all part of the plan but, in truth, wealthy technocrats will not redistribute their own wealth during the reset. They will only continue to grow their financial empires, perhaps sending them to safe havens like Switzerland, as the rest of the world consents to giving up their sovereignty.27

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