What It Means For Life, Love & More

The Queen of Swords card represents the archetype of the editor, the wisdom keeper, and the wise woman, according to tarot expert and founder of Witchy Wellness, Leah Vanderveldt

“As with all court cards, they can represent both others in our lives and (especially) aspects of ourselves that we’re being encouraged to explore and call upon,” she explains.

This queen, and the suit of swords in general, is associated with the air signs (which are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), making the Queen of Swords a figure who is tapped into their intellect and the knowledge they’ve garnered from experience and observation.

At the same time, Vanderveldt adds, the Queen of Swords possesses a strong sense of “just knowing.” “[This card] is deliberate and decisive, with a razor-sharp sense of humor,” she says.

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