What It Is + What It Can Tell You

The 12th house is known as the house of endings, surrender, and the subconscious. Just as the first house relates to beginnings and identity, you can think of the 12th house as the final realm or stage of the zodiac wheel.

As astrology expert Imani Quinn tells mbg, the 12th house deals with the subconscious, the completion of cycles, and your shadow side. “It’s ruled by Pisces and Neptune, which are both centered around dreams and delusions,” Quinn explains.

The twins note that this house builds upon the previous 11 houses, and thanks to its link to the subconscious and the imagination, it can reveal information about the afterlife and dream spaces. “As one of the more hidden arenas in the chart, the 12th house rules spaces that are hidden or separated from society such as institutions, hospitals, jails, and retreats. It’s also associated with the creative arts such as film, dance, and poetry,” they explain.

People with prominent 12th house placements will be very receptive to shadow work, transformation, and metamorphosis, Quinn explains, saying “You’re going to be a person who can go through multiple layers of transformation and rebirth, really open to change.”

If you have your moon, Venus, or sun in the 12th house, in particular, you’re destined for a life of transformation and growth. Here’s a little bit more about each of these key placements:

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