Weekly Horoscope For August 15—21, 2022, From The AstroTwins

As lusty Mars logs into loquacious Gemini for this extended cycle, racy repartee becomes an art form. Fearless Mars favors bold expression—and during the hot-tempered retrograde cycle from October 30 to January 12, avoid any possibility of your messages being misconstrued.

Variety is the spice where Gemini is concerned, so mix it up with new locations, positions, role-playing, toys, whatever! Attractions may be fast, fickle and fleeting, however. Don’t start planning the wedding after the third date. If your attention span is short, don’t worry. Just make sure you’re not leading anyone on.

Couples may argue more or treat each other with brusque impatience. Remember that respect is the foundation of any lasting relationship. If insults or contempt creep into your dynamic, stop and address the frustration behind your biting (and fighting) words. Or, save your edgy talk for the boudoir!

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