Vitamin D Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Response, New Study Says

CRP is a biological marker in our blood (i.e, via a blood test) that can be measured to help give us a snapshot of inflammatory processes in the body. CRP biomarkers are a helpful way to gauge general inflammatory status in the body, which has implications for our joints, heart, brain, and whole-body health.

Of course, inflammatory pathways and responses are a normal part of our physiology, of being human, but it’s critically important to strike a healthy balance. Healthy levels of CRP (which is produced in the liver) are associated with a balanced inflammatory response and status, as well as resilient immune function for our body’s defenses. 

Keeping inflammatory pathways in check, instead of “burning” unchecked, is pivotal for overall health. And since 25(OH)D levels have been observed to influence CRP status, ongoing research that investigates exactly how vitamin D plays a part in regulating a healthy inflammatory response is important to gain understanding of how the essential vitamin helps support cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, and immune health.* 

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