This Supplement Delivers The Energy Of Coffee, Minus The Crash

The thing is, caffeine is an ancient and powerhouse phytonutrient with a lot of wonderful health benefits—it can increase our attention levels, bolster neurotransmitter production, and even deliver neuroprotective actions.*

Thankfully, we found an innovative, clinically-researched form of plant-sourced caffeine that delivers an extended release profile of the caffeine phytonutrient that prolongs focus benefits and promotes all-day energy (both physically and cognitively), all while buffering against the dreaded crash.*

You see, focus+ features 100 milligrams of this sustained-release caffeine (from green coffee beans) plus 50 milligrams of instant-release caffeine (from whole coffee fruit extract), so you get all the energy you would expect from a cup of coffee—right away and throughout the day.* 

The result? Truly sustained energy levels that extend well past the afternoon (goodbye, midday slump!) and carry you through your evening activities. 

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