This Plant-Based Patty Is Packed With Flavor (& Hidden Nutrients)

The sun might be setting on summertime, but it’s never too late in the season for a cookout. Burgers and hot dogs are the traditional grilled fare, but that doesn’t mean plant-based eaters can’t get in on the fun. Case in point: these curried red lentil burgers from mbg Collective member Phoebe Lapine of the blog Feed Me Phoebe.

In a delicious recipe recently shared to Instagram, Lapine revealed these burgers are one of her favorite healthy dishes, plus they’re easy to modify to suit dietary needs. “When I went back to eating legumes after the low-FODMAP diet, red lentils were one of the first that I was able to successfully add back into my rotation,” she explains. “The tactic I was able to use was incorporating small amounts of red lentils into my recipes, using them as an accent instead of the main event. Which is exactly the role they play in these quinoa and lentil burgers.”

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