This App Is An Accessible Mental Health Support System

The Neurocycle app from communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist Caroline Leaf, Ph.D. offers a 63 day course to enhance awareness and improve your mental health, posing questions that require you to consider how your habits are impacting anxiety, whether you are aware of your thought cycle, amongst other introspective ideas. “[This is] the first ever scientifically tested brain detox app, shown to help reduce anxiety and depression by up to 81%,” Leaf says in a recent YouTube video

The app includes mini neurocycles and decompression guides for ‘soothing your inner child,’ grounding yourself, and sparkling creativity, with a calendar available to track your progress in different mental health areas as you move through the program.

As someone who obsessively tracks nearly every aspect of my life from the books I’m reading to what movies I’ve watched, it’s satisfying to be able to quantify my mental health progress as well, easily accessible in one app. 

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