The Supplement That Got This Student/Entrepreneur Back On Track

I’m a graduate student, I work full-time, and I run a small business on the side. To sum it all up, my brain is constantly racing and I often find myself overlooking things and lacking the mental energy to perform particularly important tasks. 

But, I’m 24. I’m in my prime! I shouldn’t have to worry about my brain health now, right?

Wrong. It turns out, caring for my brain right now is one of the best decisions I can make for my cognitive health (now and in the future). 

You see, as I mentioned above, I’m pretty much drained throughout the day (I’m trying here, people!), making it extremely challenging to get anything done. 

And to make matters worse, I don’t get as much sleep as I should (again, I’m trying!). Basically, I knew I had to make some sort of lifestyle change to better care for my brain—especially since cognitive function affects pretty much every fundamental part of our well-being. 

So, I got to researching. I was surprised to find that just a few small tweaks to my everyday routine (i.e., getting adequate sleep, managing stress, and eating a balanced diet) can help improve cognitive function over time. 

But, as critical as these lifestyle habits are, balancing all of them on a daily basis can be difficult with so many things going on at once.

I felt stuck. I knew I couldn’t continue the same routine: Wake up, work, sleep a few hours, repeat. But at the same time, I didn’t know where to start.

That was until I came across another, more targeted (and convenient) option: A brain-supporting nootropic supplement designed to enhance cognitive function and promote brain longevity.*

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