The Supplement Helping Reviewers Improve Sleep During Their Periods*

“I’ve been struggling with sleep for a while, especially during my menstrual cycle,” writes reviewer Sonia G. “I started taking sleep support+ and after a few weeks, I noticed my sleep was much better! I stay asleep longer and don’t have trouble staying asleep!”*

The thoughtful combination of ingredients in this supplement—magnesium bisglycinate (for a steady state of relaxation), jujube (for calming and sedation), and PharmaGABA® (for enhanced sleep quality)—come together to help promote faster, deeper, and more sustained rest.*

“I have used [sleep support+] on many sleepless nights due to disruption in [my] monthly cycle,” notes reviewer Aris S. “You get a deep sleep, and best of all, you wake up clearheaded and not groggy.”*

This energized wake-up is thanks in part to the fact that sleep support+ does not contain any melatonin. This supplemental hormone, while helpful for shifting to a new bedtime (e.g., when traveling), doesn’t do much to enhance overall sleep quality and can lead to groggy mornings as a result. Experts are also wary to suggest taking melatonin nightly, as it’s unclear how it affects other hormones over time. This is an especially important consideration during those key pre-period days when hormones are already in flux.

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