The Greens Powder I Add To Meals For A Boost Of Hidden Nutrients

I love throwing organic veggies+ into really any recipe I’m whipping up for some extra nutrients and the peace of mind that I’m doing something good for my body.

I drink a lot of smoothies, especially in the summer, and in the morning after my workouts I sneak it into my shake for some bonus essential micronutrients like iron and potassium, plus a good source of fiber, too. Even though my smoothies already include plenty of healthy ingredients, this greens powder is added insurance that I’m getting the most bang for my buck out of my meals.

Another staple? Homemade hummus in my food processor with a tablespoon of organic veggies+. The powder surprisingly doesn’t change the taste at all. (But beware, the color may be a little darker than traditional hummus!)

Here’s my favorite hummus recipe starring this powerhouse powder, if you need some inspiration for using yours:

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