The “Cutting-Edge” Supplement Wellness Expert Kelly LeVeque Loves

With 14 vitamins, 13 minerals, and 6 botanical bioactives, ultimate multivitamin+ certainly has plenty of highlights to choose from, but it’s not often you find a multi that gets you the entire range of B vitamins—which is what LeVeque loves best.

“This complete array of all 8 B vitamins is cutting-edge because the most bioactive forms are utilized, including methylation technology folate and B12,” she explains. “This directly supports personal differences in B vitamin metabolism and cellular energy for all.”*

Regardless of which area of your health you’re looking to focus on, ultimate multivitamin+ provides your body with essential micronutrients and unique botanical bioactives you need to support immune, brain, heart, bone, muscle, beauty, eye, and whole-body health.*

And if that isn’t compelling enough, this multi promotes nutritional sufficiency for an impressively wide array of vitamins and minerals.* Woman, man, vegan diet or not, this multi fits within nearly any lifestyle in just two high-potency capsules. 

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