The Best Tasting Meal Delivery Service

A lot of microwave food is just disappointing. It turns out way too dry, too rubbery, or simply too bland to actually enjoy what you’re eating—but not Mosaic.

The meal delivery service has somehow managed to capture the taste and comfort of a homemade meal into a quick and easy option that takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. I’m still in awe of how impressive these meals tasted—and I’m a harsh critic. 

My friends know that I’m always quick to add an extra sprinkle of seasoning to my food to ensure I’m getting the most enjoyment from my meal. Condiments are a common addition to most take-out and I have no problem adding (or removing) ingredients that just don’t make sense in a meal. 

Even with my trusted Daily Harvest orders—which I’ve always felt defied the traditional concept of bland “frozen food”—I’ve always had to doctor the flavors to fit my preferred taste profiles. Somehow Mosaic hits the nail on the head every single time. 

I devoured the corn casserole and spent 10 minutes pouring over the ingredient list to see if I could recreate the limited-edition recipe at home. (My final verdict? Unlikely.) The oat bowl tasted better than any recipe I’ve attempted at home—and I’ve tried dozens. Even the pizzas were impressive; all feature cauliflower or other veggie-infused crusts yet still tasted indulgent and delectable. 

The only meals I wasn’t super into were the Mac + Green, which was likely due to too much water in my stove top preparation, and the pumpkin lasagna. While neither was bad or even inedible, I just found the other recipes to be even more pleasing. I’m still thinking about the tomato, rosemary, & white bean soup that I ate for lunch yesterday.

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