The Beauty Routine Matt Newman Has Been Using As Of Late

It all began with a really good hair day. 

Before Matt Newman (aka @mattloveshair) became one of TikTok’s resident hair experts, he worked as a stylist’s assistant during fashion shows and shoots; but as his freelance gigs came to a halt in 2020, his boyfriend suggested he try making hair videos for fun. Why not, right? 

“I started posting some hair content, and the first few ideas didn’t really click, but since I blow-dried my hair the first day to make content, I made a few more videos as the week went on,” he tells me over the phone. (Never let a good blow-dry go undocumented, as they say.) “At the end of the week, the last video I posted got a few hundred thousand views, and I took that and ran with it.” 

Since the viral TikTok that started it all (a dry shampoo hack!) Newman’s page has skyrocketed in popularity—now, over a million users eagerly consume his hairstyling hacks, expert product recs, and, of course, his bouncy blowout tutorials. Recently, I was lucky enough to chat with Newman about all of the above, including the face mask that got him through a six-hour flight, the brow gel he was desperate to get his hands on in Europe, and the hair balm that’s 100% worth the steep price tag. Below, he shares everything he swears by right now. 

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