Sweaty Betty High-Impact Sports Bra Review: Eliminate Bounce

The reason that I’m obsessed with this sports bra all comes down to the construction. The thicker strips transform this into an ultra-supportive design that even those with a larger chest will be impressed by (just ask my trampoline classmates). The T-bar back is also adjustable, so it’s easy to personalize the fit of the bra to ensure you feel snug. In fact, I actually found my regular size (a medium) slightly larger than usual—yet I still felt strapped in despite the size discrepancy (though I would recommend sizing down).

While I removed the pads out of personal preference, they do add another layer of support and comfort, so it’s really up to you. Plus, the unique figure-8 stitch on the front really highlights your, ahem, assets. I’m just glad the brand chose the color for me, because I would’ve struggled with the select of fun patterns and sleek colorways.

Besides the design, what I love most about this sports bra is the breathable fabric—it’s the first time the brand’s signature performance fabric was used for a sports bra. The popular Power fabric is sweat-wicking and quick-drying, which is a major perk when when I’m pushing through my workout. It’s also incredibly stretchy, which is phenomenal because there’s nothing I hate more than feeling constricted by my workout clothes.

My only complaint? Although Sweaty Betty does offer a handful of more sustainable items, such as the Super Sculpt leggings made from repurposed water bottles, this sports bra doesn’t earn any stand-out points from the environment. While I know the durable pick will last for years to come, I love when a brand takes extra steps to stay green.

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