Reviewers Say mbg’s Collagen Powder Is Easy On The Gut

Of course, everyone’s body is different and reacts to products in unique ways. However, individual issues with collagen powders often come from the excipients (or “other” ingredients) than the collagen peptides themselves. It’s difficult to pinpoint for sure, but it makes sense that any artificial flavors or sweeteners, sugar alcohols, chemical preservatives, binders, etc., could potentially contribute to an upset stomach in some people.

And besides, collagen itself is associated with gut and digestive health benefits.* Take this two-phase clinical study, for example, in which 40 healthy women took 20 grams of bovine collagen peptides each day, split into two servings. After eight weeks of collagen supplementation, 93% (13 out of 14 women) of those who completed the study experienced noteworthy improvements in digestion, including bloating and abdominal comfort.* 

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