Research Shows This Diet Benefits Memory & Learning Later In Life

This groundbreaking study on cognitive health of the U.S. Hispanic and Latino populations reveals that a culturally tailored Mediterranean diet may help maintain cognitive health outcomes later in life. While one’s dietary pattern is a massively influential factor in long-term cognitive function, other focused actions can also be taken to promote brain longevity—such as taking a high-quality nootropic supplement that specifically supports cognitive health, like mbg’s brain guard+.* 

Our longevity-focused brain health supplement features clinically researched ingredients (i.e., citicoline, resveratrol, and kanna) shown to promote memory, increase blood flow to the brain, and enhance cognitive functions such as learning, processing speed, executive function, and mental clarity.* brain guard+ is the brain-healthy supplement neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and other leading cognitive health experts take to promote their own brain performance and longevity.*

To discover other nootropic supplements that support memory, check out our roundup of the best memory supplements on the market today.*

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