President Biden Tests Negative for COVID-19

Editor’s note: This story will be updated. 

July 27, 2022 – President Joe Biden has tested negative for COVID-19, after testing positive a week ago.

Biden, who has been isolating for the past 5 days, has no fever and his symptoms are “steadily improving,” according to his personal doctor, Kevin O’Connor, DO. The president will resume his normal duties and end his isolation.

The president, 79, is fully vaccinated and has received two booster shots. He has been taking the anti-viral drug Paxlovid to aid his recovery.

Due to rare “rebound” COVID-19 cases in individuals who have taken Paxlovid, the commander-in-chief will test more frequently, and wear a mask around other people for the next 10 days.

“The President continues to be very specifically conscientious to protect any of the Executive Residence, White House, Secret Service and other staff whose duties require any (albeit socially distanced) proximity to him,” O’ Connor said in a letter to the press secretary.

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