Prefer Running At Night? Follow These 8 Safety Tips

Contrary to popular belief, not all runners are early risers. If the thought of waking up a 6 a.m. to get in an early session makes you want to hit the snooze button, we’re with you. And it’s okay! 

Running at night is a great way to decompress, build healthy evening habits, and ensure that you get a good night of sleep. But, there are a few risks to be aware of—particularly if you’re running after dark. Use these tips to stay safe and enjoy running at night. 

8 Safety Tips for Running at Night 

1. Wear reflective clothing 

This is one we can’t stress enough. If you’re running at night and plan to be anywhere near cars, you need to wear reflective clothing or a headlamp  (preferably both) to be visible to oncoming traffic. Cars don’t use roads at night without lights, and you shouldn’t either! There are a ton of products out there like reflective vests, jackets, shoes, and headlamps to help you safely use the roads. If you run at night, it’s time to invest! 

2. Run against traffic 

Another road-related tip. You should run with cars headed toward you when possible, not coming up from behind. This will allow you to see cars coming from far away, so you can move off to the side if you need to. Cars coming up from behind do so very quickly, which gives both you and the driver less time to react if you need to change course. 

3. Follow the rules of the road 

Night time is not the time to j-walk. When running in trafficked areas at night, be hypervigilant about following general traffic rules. Stop at the stop signs and wait for walk signals. It’s an important habit to build that could keep you from making a mistake when you’re deep in your running flow and lose concentration. 

4. Stick to well-lit, well-traveled paths 

Unfortunately, running at night can present some dangers for everyone, particularly for women at a disproportionately high risk of gender-based violence. At the end of the day, it’s not always possible to control these risks, and it’s up to all of us to keep each other safe. Choosing well-lit routes and where lots of other runners are out and about can help you stay safe when running after dark.

Tip Box: Be An Ally!

It’s up to all of us to keep each other safe. Use these tips from Hollaback, a global movement to end harassment and violence in all forms, to call out street harassment when you see it. Empower yourself with the information now, and be prepared to support a fellow runner if the need arises.

Ways to take action

5. Run with a friend  

Consider bringing a buddy along for your evening jog! There is strength in numbers, you’ll be more visible to cars, and if you get injured, you’ll have someone who can help you get home safely. Many cities have running groups that meet in the evening hours. Not only will you be safer out there on the road, but you’ll also get the added benefit of running with a community to help you stay motivated. 

6. Keep your ears open

Although music can motivate you during a run, wearing earbuds makes it almost impossible to hear things approaching you. With your ears free, your brain will register unusual noises around you, whether it’s a person, an aggressive animal, or an unexpected vehicle. 

7. Bring your phone

Although there are amazing wearables out there that are compatible with adidas Running, if it’s dark outside or you’re feeling unsafe for some reason, bring your phone with you. If you run into trouble, you’ll be able to make a call, but you can also call for help if you see someone else needs it.

Bring your phone to a run

8. Use the LIVE function in the adidas Running app

Connect with friends in the adidas Running app and use the LIVE tracking feature to allow them to see where you are. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about a run, tell someone to keep their eye on your GPS track and when you expect to be home.

Tip Box: Our Community On Running At Night

We asked our Instagram followers to share their thoughts on running safety with us. This is what we learned: Out of over 1000 users who participated in the poll, 64.7% said they have feared for their safety while running. The most common safety concerns are dogs, vehicles, and being attacked, harassed, or catcalled by men.

Empowering yourself with the tips above can help you mitigate some of the risks of running at night. Keep your eyes and ears open, get out there, and go run!



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