Olive & June Nail Brightener Review For Pearly, Protected Nails

Consider pearl nails (or “glazed donut nails,” as Bieber’s nail artist Zola Ganzorigt calls them) an elevated version of the summer nude—it adds a little bit of oomph with the extra shimmer, yet it still appears quite natural and even makes your fingers look longer. Essentially, they look like cool, white pearls with a chrome dust finish, and they have practically exploded in popularity; “pearl nail” videos have hit a whopping 57.2 million views on TikTok

And if you ask Ganzorigt, it takes a combination of four polish colors to achieve the perfect shimmery yet opaque lacquer. However, Olive & June’s Nail Brightener offers a pearlescent finish with a single stroke: It immediately covers up nail stains and discoloration without adding any actual color to your nails, resulting in vibrant, natural-looking tips with the perfect coat of pearl.

Plus, the formula comes with UV filters that reflect the sun’s rays—this is not only a stellar choice for overall nail health (because, yes, your digits can experience sun damage), but as the light bounces off the surface, it also lends the prettiest shimmer. Talk about a polish that plays double duty. 

As soon as I applied a thin layer of Nail Brightener, I was floored by how much it illuminated the natural color of my nails. I didn’t think my nails were even that stained—yet with the brightener on, they were noticeably more clear. If you’re gunning for just a teeny bit of shimmer, one coat is likely all you’ll need; however, if you want to go full-on opaque pearl, two coats will do just the trick. 

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