New Study Says Exposure To These Toxins Impacts Liver Health

Because EDCs are found in consumer items we use daily (such as certain personal care products, plastic food containers, receipts, and aluminum cans), it’s important to take note of what EDCs you’re exposing yourself to regularly. First and foremost, we can limit our exposure to these products—especially those we’re putting on or in our bodies. 

To ensure your liver health is operating properly and ridding your body of these everyday toxins, practice consistent, daily detoxification practices—such as taking a daily targeted supplement like mbg’s daily detox+.* 

Our detox supplement formula features five antioxidant powerhouse ingredients that help support the body’s natural detoxification pathways and maintain oxidative balance: glutathione, milk thistle (which is especially beneficial for overall liver health and function), NAC, vitamin C, and selenium.* 

With just two daily capsules, daily detox+ can help your detoxification organs (i.e., your liver, gut, lungs, kidneys, skin, and lymphatic system) stay in tip-top shape and continue to work hard for you to bind, filter, and remove toxins each day.* 

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