Mercury-Containing Medicines: Harmful to Children

Flu VaccineSeveral recent studies have linked mercury to serious harm in children.

Dr. Joachim Mutter, author of one of the newest mercury studies, found evidence confirming that mercury in vaccines and other medical products could trigger autism. Another recent study observed that organic mercury is added to vaccines without sufficient safety testing, and warned that the use of mercury-containing Thimerosal is “potentially damaging the health of children.”

According to PR Newswire:

[The] rationale for the removal of mercury from medicine and dentistry is clear. … [T]he medical community needs to adapt to what we now know is best for our children’s health.”

One study (Mutter) noted:

“Prenatal exposure to maternal amalgam, maternal Thimerosal and postnatal sources (mercury from vaccines for the child) together with genetic susceptibility may trigger autism.”

Swine flu vaccines contain Polysorbate 80, an agent linked with infertility in mice, which may extend to infertility in humans. There are 3,587 reports from women who lost their babies very shortly after getting the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, causing many to question the safety of this vaccine.

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