I Wear The Altra Escalante 3’s For Every Hot Girl Walk

It’s no small task finding a pair of shoes that work on both my hot girl walks and training runs, and there’s nothing I find less comfortable than a pair of over-cushioned sneakers. Contrarian, I know. The Escalante 3 came along at the perfect time when my former favorite sneaker underwent some major changes in terms of padding, and I was in need of a shoe that actually allowed me to feel grounded, lest I struggle with increasing hip pains.

The Escalante 3 is designed with a breathable sock-like design that doesn’t feel restrictive on my feet when I take these babies out on hotter days, and they also feature Altra EGO™ midsole foam so while they aren’t overly padded. I also don’t feel like my soles aren’t being supported; this is essential if I want to zone out and listen to my hot girl tunes (a must.)

Since the Escalante 3 has a Balanced Cushioning™ platform, the shoes are also designed to help improve alignment naturally. That means whether you pronate, supinate, or have a neutral foot, you’ll be supported from all angles, causing no excess strain on the body. 

An added bonus? I’m especially prone to blisters and I can confidently say that this has not been an issue in my Escalantes—even after running in the rain!

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