How & Why To Slug Your Lips + Best Products To Use

After you apply your chosen nourishing balm, you’ll want to apply an occlusive product. While petrolatum-based products are the most popular for slugging, there are tons of other options to try if you’re looking to keep your routine eco-friendly. (Remember: Petroleum-derived ingredients like mineral oil do not biodegrade well, and they can accumulate in waterways.)

Vegetable and fruit oils, however, can serve as an occlusive layer with some added antioxidant benefits as well. You’ll want a thicker product (think ointment-consistency rather than a secondary balm) that will lay on top of the lips, rather than soaking in right away. This will help to lock in the nutrients from your previous balm and maintain adequate hydration for longer.

Our pick for step two: Sahajan’s Lip Karma. This thick lip treatment includes a blend of argan, castor, and rapeseed oil to soften the lips for a much-needed layer of protection for your delicate pout. Better yet, it doesn’t budge.

This method is great for those looking to keep their lips looking youthful (see: plump, hydrated, and smooth lips with minimal fine lines). In addition, if you’re struggling with a minor lip sunburn this two-step process will encourage skin barrier healing. 

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