How To Work With Virgo Season’s Powerful Energy This Year

First and foremost, get clear on what Virgo is all about and how you might benefit from embracing Virgo qualities. As Pennington tells mbg, Virgos are all about planning, organization, and being of service. Think school supplies, clearing out your closet, or donating to a food bank, for example, she adds.

According to Quinn, Virgo thinks methodically but is also very humble and warm. So during Virgo season, she says, “We’re looking to balance the perfectionism that comes up with Virgo energy while also really embracing and being kind to yourself.”

Knowing that Virgo can be a bit of a perfectionist, plus considering the influence of Mars in Gemini, Pennington adds that nervous tension may run high. Still, though, Virgo is an earth sign, so grounding practices will be helpful and supportive at this time, she says, adding, “That’s a really good way of working through any kind of racing thoughts or a sense of overwhelm.”

And speaking of Mars in Gemini, you’ll want to get clear on your big picture goals for the next six months, between August’s new moon in Virgo and the full moon in Virgo, which will occur six months later on March 7. It is the planet of action, after all, and big things can happen when it’s paired with the sun in a practical sign like Virgo.

Lastly, take some inspiration from the Virgo queen herself: Beyoncé. As Quinn explains, just like Beyoncé, we can all try to embrace the methodical yet effortless energy of Queen B.

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