How To Put An End To PMS-Related Bloating With 6 Foolproof Tips

Adjusting your diet can also be useful when it comes to bloat, and if you’re holding onto more water due to PMS, you will benefit from cutting down on salty and refined foods that can make bloating worse. “Eating sugary and processed carbs such as candy, sweets, white flour, bread, chips, cakes, and so forth leads to spikes in insulin levels and your body to hold on to more sodium, which in turn increases the fluid volume inside your body,” explains Cabeca.

The trap is that you’re probably going to be craving those foods during the days leading up to your period, so this isn’t to say you can’t eat the foods you love, but it’s helpful to be aware that they may exacerbate PMS and make your bloating worse. Instead, focusing on consuming a high volume of fruits and veggies during this time will be gentler on your body and help you feel better. 

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