How To Practice “Iffirmations” For A More Positive Mindset

Laird shares that “a technique called ‘iffirmations’ can be really powerful for people who struggle with affirmations.” She continues: “Affirmations can really backfire, because you [can] feed that inner critic, depending on your personality.” So if your mind responds to a sentence like, “I am worthy,” by automatically disagreeing with the idea, this small adjustment may be a useful option for you. 

The technique is simple: “You just put ‘what if’ in front of the statement, and it breaks through your mind’s resistance and opens up possibilities. For example, if you struggle with self-worth, instead of saying, “I am worthy,” try saying, “What if I am worthy?”

Says Laird, “We tend to focus on what’s wrong rather than what’s right,” so instead of trying to force the positivity (which rarely works), try to get your mind to figure out your worth all on its own. That way, your mind will have way less to argue with. “That question opens up kindness to the part of me that questions whether I am worthy,” Laird adds. Try it! Chances are, it will be easier practice self-compassion.

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