How To Make A Creamy Collagen & Spirulina Smoothie

This dreamy blue smoothie found fame on TikTok, where it was dubbed the “blue cloud smoothie,” with its coconut cream topping mimicking a fluffy cloud set against a wide, blue sky. But gorgeous aesthetics aside, the smoothie, which originated from West Coast organic market, Erewhon, has more than just good looks. With protein, healthy fats, and a dose of blue spirulina, it packs a nutritional punch too.

We have the ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and a bonus tip to make this recipe even better for you and your skin. The secret? Include a scoop of collagen powder into your blend.* Don’t worry, our powder of choice comes unflavored, so it won’t mess with the delicious recipe, but you will be doing yourself a favor by adding some skin-loving ingredients.* Let’s get into it! 

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