How To Get The Look + Nail Care Tips

Time to get specific. Stiletto nails are, as nail expert and founder of clean nail company sundays Amy Ling explains, “A skinny pointed shape of nails. Think: A stiletto heel.” The stiletto shape has a different look than its sister shape of almond, which, again, is skinny but more rounded on the top. 

The main attraction of the stiletto shape is the wow factor it provides. “This dramatic nail shape is quite the eye-catching, statement look,” Ling explains. Further, it accentuates the nail more than a round or square shape.

However, this look is not the most at-home friendly, Ling says. This is because a true stiletto shape requires a fairly long nail, so false tips may be necessary. The filing process is quite extensive as well, so it takes some extra time and precision to achieve a symmetrical and polished look. 

Ling warns that this shape can be easily broken due to the ultra-thin tip. So if you’re looking for something durable, especially if you work with your hands frequently, then almond may be a better choice if you desire the long and pointed look. 

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