How The mbg postbiotic body lotion Does More For Sensitive Skin

But the real kicker for sensitive skin? Microbiome support from pre- and postbiotics. Our prebiotic blend comes from microalgae, specifically chlorella vulgaris extract. In in-vitro studies, this extract has been shown to promote beneficial skin bacterium and balance other species that, when unbalanced, may lead to troublesome skin. 

The biotech postbitoic in our lotion comes from Lactobacillus, the “educational” bacteria that teaches the skin to protect itself, encourages a more vibrant appearance, and is safe for sensitive skin. The result: less inflamed skin with better microcirculation (yes, sensitive skin included). 

You see, instead of simply hydrating dry sensitive skin, the mbg postbiotic body lotion supports the skin barrier and microbiome, without any added fragrance or harsh actives. Think of it like a nutrient-packed electrolyte beverage, rather than a plain glass of H2O. Both can support your baseline hydration levels—but when you crave a little something extra, why not grab an option with functional benefits, too?

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