How Grapes Can Spike Your Blood Sugar—& The Best Way To Manage It

“One of the biggest spikers in our data set is grapes,” functional medicine doctor Casey Means, M.D explained in a recent TikTok for mbg. “A lot of fruits are minimal spikers, but grapes seem to be gigantic.” The reason behind the significant blood sugar spike caused by grapes is twofold. “I think this has to do with the fact that grapes have very little fiber, and grapes are often eaten totally on their own,” Means notes.

Grapes are of course a fruit, but also a source of carbohydrate that are higher in sugar, and when they’re not paired with other balancing foods, they cause a spike in some people. “Sometimes people who experience a blood sugar spike may feel ‘buzzy’—a little jittery or anxious, or like they’re a bit out of balance,” Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RDN previously told mbg. While that’s not to say you should never eat grapes again, there are certainly ways you can hack your diet to make them a better fit.

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