How Astaxanthin & Phytoceramides Impact Internal Skin Hydration

As with any supplement ingredient, it’s important to keep the sourcing and dose in mind. In our star formula, we use a premium algal-sourced form of astaxanthin called AstaReal®. This form, in particular, has been clinically researched and shown to reduce fine lines and age spots after six to 16 weeks.*

The benefits don’t stop there—this blend is also packed with plant-sourced ceramides (aka, phytoceramides). In our blend, we use Ceramosides®, which have been clinically shown to significantly increase skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness, and ease transepidermal water loss (TEWL), roughness, and a wrinkled appearance.* 

To say the very least, these ingredients are beneficial for overall skin health and top notch for increased skin hydration.* So if you’re gearing up for the drier months with heavier topicals, adding a supplement like cellular beauty+ may be the cherry on top to a great hydrating skin care regimen.

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