Healing Properties, How To Use It & More

One of the best ways to amplify the properties of any crystal is to pair it with other crystals that have similar benefits. In the case of moss agate, look for other stones that relate to grounding, connecting with Earth, and root and heart chakra healing.

As crystal expert Heather Askinosie previously told mbg, if you’re using your moss agate for gardening or connecting with nature, green aventurine and clear quartz are good additions. McGary adds tree agate, citrine, and malachite are also other good crystals to include when using moss agate in your garden.

In terms of chakra healing, some other crystals that are good for the heart chakra include rose quartz, peridot, and green jade. The root chakra, on the other hand, is supported by stones like red jasper, bloodstone, and smoky quartz.

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