Elephant Symbolism: History, Meanings + Why You’re Seeing Them

The dream world is filled with information and messages, and can be another way to receive signs. Writing down your dream can be helpful to pick up on clues and what the dream may be communicating with you. “I recommend keeping a personal journal to document your thoughts on your dreams,” says Aúgusta, adding, “You can track any patterns you see and how they affect your everyday life.”

Writing details with keywords, as well as how you felt in the dream, will also provide deeper insight into what the dream may be communicating. “It’s important to try to remember what feelings you remember from the dream, what is happening, what the elephant is doing and how the dream ends,” Wilson explains.

And in case you’re wondering, elephant symbolism in dreams can have various meanings just like in real life. According to Aúgusta, “Dreaming of elephants is a sign of what lies ahead in your future, and the short-term outlook seems promising.”

Dreaming of an elephant could also represent having confidence in yourself. “When you dream of an elephant, it reminds you to have faith in yourself and your decisions,” she tells mindbodygreen, adding, “The elephant’s presence indicates that you should take control of your life and gain inner strength to conquer all obstacles.”

Another meaning could be prosperity is coming. “An elephant appearing in your dreams can also be a sign that good fortune is on the way – this is particularly favorable if you’ve been through hardship,” says Jones. 

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