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Eyesight isn’t something many people think we can change, but today I’m talking to a holistic optometrist who says otherwise. Because vision exists in the brain, not the eyes, it is possible to improve and even rehabilitate our eyes instead of just correct them.
Want to be free of glasses? Prevent eye disease? Reverse cataracts? Dr. Sam Berne says it can be done and there are natural ways to do it.
Dr. Sam Berne on Holistic Eye Care
Over his 25 years in optometry Dr. Sam Berne has developed a form of holistic vision therapy that goes deeper than better eyesight. He believes glasses and contacts are just short-term solutions that can actually weaken the eyes and looks to root causes of disease for an alternative approach.
With these holistic methods Dr. Berne can address vision issues caused by autism, ADHD, cataracts, dry-eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye conditions.
If you’re tired of forking out money for contacts and glasses as your prescription gets stronger and stronger, you’ll definitely want to check out this episode!
In This Episode You’ll Learn

why I thought twice before getting my daughter glasses
how nutrition and overall health affects your eyes
how glasses weaken the eyes and what to do instead
what causes “floaters” in vision
the link between ADHD, ADD, and the eyes
what dyslexia and reading delays often have to do with vision
specific help for macular degeneration, cataracts, and more
what causes dry eye and what to do about it
simple exercises you can do that improve eyesight naturally
supplements that help eye health

Resources We Mention
Learn more about Dr. Sam Berne at DrSamBerne.com

Dr. Berne’s eye exercises
Dr. Berne’s …

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