Does Collagen Make You Poop? What Research Says + Other Benefits

While there is research studying collagen supplementation on bloating, abdominal comfort, and even bowel movements, it’s not a bulky area of research yet. So does collagen make you poop? It might, but more clinical trial research is warranted to back up a hard yes or no.

However, the above clinical and other collective research has shown that collagen helps improve gut health. For example, science has demonstrated that levels of certain types of collagen are lower in individuals with digestive challenges. And one of the main amino acids in collagen peptides, glutamate (aka glutamic acid), functions a critical signaling molecule in the enteric nervous system (yes, your GI tract has its own neuronal connections) and is important for gut-brain axis communications, too.

Some collagen formulas (like mbg’s beauty & gut collagen+), also include other gut-centric bioactives, like amino acid L-glutamine, which supports digestive health because it’s a major fuel source for the cells in the intestine.*

Glutamine has been shown to reduce inflammatory processes in the intestinal wall and improve intestinal permeability,” thus supporting digestion, Amy Gonzalez, R.D., FNTP, CLT, of The Holistic Dietitian, tells mbg about collagen’s benefits.* Meanwhile, glycine (a noteworthy amino acid delivered to the body via collagen peptides) “has been shown to support the stomach lining,”* she adds.

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