Creating a Life Force Energy Home & Reducing EMFs With Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE)

Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.


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Katie: Hello, and welcome to “The Wellness Mama Podcast.” I’m Katie from and That’s wellness with an E on the end. And this topic is gonna be probably a new one for some people listening. And I will admit there are elements of it I’m still learning and don’t fully understand yet. But we talk about creating and curating life force energy, also about things like reducing EMFs and how that ties in as well. And I’m here with the founders of FLFE, which is Focused Life Force Energy. And we talk about things like high consciousness fields, harmonizing with versus mitigating EMFs and what that looks like, how they tested this technology and the scientific backing for it, and a whole lot of other directions.


I’m here with two people, Jeff and Clayten. Clayten has over 25 years of experience in this field, and he is the student of Dr. David Hawkins in kinesiology. And he has a whole set of protocols related to this. We get in-depth then I explain more what it is. I know it sounds a little esoteric right now. But he has a lot of work in the exploration of consciousness and non-linear healing technologies, including the development of this program, FLFE with Jeff Stegman, who has focused on creating a high consciousness culture in his businesses, and in businesses around and related to this technology. So like I said, we get into the specifics. They explain better than I could what this is and how it works. But in general, it’s about creating a field within your home that is calming and loving, and also has a measurable effect they’re finding in research in harmonizing EMFs. So I will let them explain it from here. Without further ado, let’s join Jeff and Clayten. Clayten and Jeff, welcome. Thanks so much for being here today.


Jeff: Glad to be with you, Katie.


Clayten: Nice to see you, Katie.


Katie: I am excited for this conversation. And we’re gonna get to go deep on one particular topic that I think might be somewhat new for the audience and then a lot of different subtopics below that.


But before we jump into that, I would love to just let the audience hear a little background about both of you and how you got into this area of research. I have notes that, Jeff, you’re becoming a farmer to apply some of the things we’re going to talk about today. And that Clayten was a commercial fisherman in earlier life. So I would love to just hear maybe some of the story of what brought you both to this work.


Jeff: I could start. Yeah, it seems from an early childhood, I love science fiction. I love getting lost and like the possibility of a much bigger world than we saw around us. And even in late grade school, early high school, I did sensory deprivation experiments with myself and was looking for ways to leave my body. But meanwhile, both feet were on the ground, have been on the ground. I built a family business with my brother, very long-term employees, and building a conscious culture of sort of, you know, heart-centered business.


And that’s how I met Clayten. He was actually coaching in business as a spiritual path. And so I began to work with him. I was an early meditator, too. I started… My mother, she’s very smart. I was smoking pot at the time in high school, or actually early eighth grade, so she introduced me to transcendental meditation. And the drugs ended. And I’ve meditated with her, you know, for the next…doing transcendental meditation through high school.


So just early on, I’ve really been interested in kind of what’s behind, you know, what’s under the hood of life. And my time with Clayten, when he was coaching me, was digging under that hood. It’s like, he used kinesiology or muscle testing to test my level of consciousness in different areas of my life. And he would find these hidden gems that I thought I hid so well. In fact, sometimes, they were so well hidden, they were unconscious.


But finding those low consciousness areas in my life then allowed me to consciously work and raise those areas up and experience more freedom and joy, you know, and love in those areas of my life. That was sort of the path that took us to the FLFE technology that we discovered, which is a consciousness technology that activates high consciousness fields. And I can hand it off to you, Clayten. You discovered it then brought me in.


Clayten: Yeah, well, as Katie said, I was a commercial fisherman at one point in my life. And so, it does connect to my upbringing where I found peace in nature. That was the place that I could always go. And a lot of that I found through fishing. I spent a lot of time walking along the sides of rivers, and I think probably the combination of exercise and getting the body tired enough so that the chatter of the mind is reduced. And being in the presence of beauty of nature, that’s where I found a lot of my peace as a young man.


And there were some options when I was in high school. One of them was traveling and seeing a bit of the world before I made a decision as to what I wanted to do in the world. And so, I did travel for a while. And I was one of those people that… Now, it’s called van life, back then it was a truck and camper. So, I like, “Oh, you know, I want to have a place to sleep. I don’t want to sleep in a tent.” So I bought an old truck and an old camper and an old… I think they call them beaters. I don’t know what they call beaters down where you live, but they call them beaters up here.


So I drove around Canada for about a year and, you know, I did kind of labor-type jobs. So fishing was one of them. I worked in the oil field, you know. I did labor jobs. I was a young man with not a lot of education and training, so that’s the work that was available to me.


And I got involved in a philosophical organization pretty, pretty deeply. I was really interested in trying to make sense of some things in my life and in the world. And so, I figured I needed to get really good at one particular way of looking at life. And so I choose a philosophy and I got deeply involved in that. And that led me into education.


I spent about 11 years from about ’84 to ’95 in the education field. I was a commercial fisherman for a while. And I kind of went back to that part of my life because I really enjoyed it. But my love for education and teaching and learning was bigger. So that led me into individual coaching back in 1995, which is ancient in the coaching world.


And because I’d spent 11 years in this Eastern-based philosophy, before that in working in private schools, I chose a specialty of working with business leaders who considered business their spiritual path. And I chose that because, in the world, it seems that business has the power right now for good or for bad, right? In the past, it might have been the arts or, you know, certain time in our history, it was a religion or religious institutions.


So I figured I could do the most good in the world with the least amount of effort. I mean, it’s just one person. Not that I didn’t want to make an effort, but you kind of look for that sweet spot where you can do the most good with your effort. And for me, it was business leaders who considered their business as their spiritual path.


Jeff and I are gearheads. So we like to tinker with things and machines. And I worked at a gas station like four years, part time, when I was in high school. I took the academic part of high school, but I also took shop. I took auto shop and machine shop and electronics and blueprint reading. So it’s pretty oriented towards that. My dad was a tradesman printer and so our family was kind of technical that way.


And so, eventually, you know, and a combination of exploring kinesiology and being interested in kind of machines and education, I came across this inventor who was part of a group of inventors who…they were trying to create a free energy device for humanity. And they didn’t do that. But they kind of stumbled upon a way to focus lifeforce energy on objects.


Little did I know that was the beginning of the FLFE, you know, journey. Yeah, this guy was just sort of energizing these crystals and putting them around his house. And his house was like amazing. And it’s such a highly-charged environment. So I got to know this gentleman, and we worked together for a few years and then I introduced Jeff to him. And yeah, it’s part of the journey.


Katie: I very much resonate with your story in saying, like, “Where can my effort make the most difference and provide the most love?” And for me, I’m in deep gratitude every day that my work is with other women and moms. Because, for me, I think that’s part of my life purpose is that we support moms. We support not just moms, but families and the culture as a whole. And so that’s why I was excited to get to have this conversation with you guys.


And you mentioned high consciousness fields, which I’m guessing is a new term, potentially, for a lot of people listening. So I would love to start very basic and broad and have you guys explain that concept and maybe give some examples to help people kind of understand and anchor what that means.


Jeff: Mm hmm. We believe that consciousness is everywhere. That it’s all around us. And we follow Dr. David Hawkins’ work. One of his books is “Power vs. Force.” And he outlined consciousness fields and levels of consciousness. And I would say that we experience this every day. That everyone experiences it every day.


So if you’re walking around the world, and you go into somewhere that’s very elevated, it’s a high consciousness area. So that could be, you know, a synagogue or church or cathedral, particularly some of the cathedrals in Europe, very high because they were designed that way with the architecture and the sort of the features of the earth where they built the cathedrals.


So when you walk into a place like that, I experienced it in my body, it’s like an energy, like almost an excitement and a calmness. Like my mind starts to really quiet down. And I’ve noticed that in cathedrals, when I was touring Europe, where I would walk in the door, I would feel like the closer I got to the front of the…to the nave, the front of the church, the stronger it got, and blank or my mind went. And what that what that effect is walking into a high consciousness field that’s getting higher and higher, the closer you get to the place where the priesthood would do his thing.


In low consciousness fields, you could experience in an old prison, a battleground. Like, if you’ve ever been to one of those places, there’s this sort of a low-energy feeling like a heaviness, maybe even emotions or thoughts could come up. And we believe that thought forms and emotions can be present historically in a location like that, or every location that human beings are such strong broadcasters of our energy that it can be held in a crystalline structure of the building materials or the ground or drywall even.



So those are some examples walking around. And it’s kind of that feeling people talk about, like, “I don’t like the energy of this place.” or, “This feels really good.” Well, it’s a feeling in our bodies. And we believe our bodies are very sensitive instruments to this because it’s part of our survival. Like you walk into a place that doesn’t feel good, you get on edge, you know, you’re like looking over your shoulder, like, what’s going on here? And that, you know, helps us to deal with what might be coming. So we believe those fields are everywhere. And what the FLFE technology does is to activate a high consciousness field like the cathedral feel.


Katie: Clayten, do you have any follow-up to that before I ask add-on question?


Clayten: You know, I have some practical examples of this. And maybe one that would not be unique to women, but I think they’ll appreciate. A practical example of a high consciousness field would be your thinking… There’s an undeniable bond, in my experience, and in the experience of every mother I’ve ever talked to, between a mother and her child. It’s not that men don’t have a connection as well. But it’s just a different connection.


So when you’re thinking of somebody, and you’re wondering how they’re doing, and you’re sending them a positive thought, and then they call you, they said, “I was just thinking about you,” right? I’ve never talked to a mother who doesn’t know about that.  So that would be an example of a high consciousness field.


Now, I mean, that could turn to worry. Instead of like awareness, it could turn to worry and concern. But I would say that the FLFE technology has some parallels to the capacity that humans have to create a connection between love and another person or another space.


And I don’t know why I’m just having this thought to tell you the story. So I have some friends on Salt Spring Island in Canada. I used to live in Vancouver. I’m up in Nelson now. That’s where the head office of the company is.


And I went over to Salt Spring Island to visit these people. And this lady, she was…there was a group of birthing. There was a birthing class there. I don’t know if they called them doulas or it was just women who help babies get born. There’s a name for it, it will come to me. Midwives.


So this lady was in this group. And it just so happened that morning, one of the mornings I was there, there was a birth that happened. She’d been up most of the night, and this baby had been born. And she came back to the house for a minute because she had to get something and she went to go back.


And the energy that she came in with was, it was extraordinary. And it’s like, I said, “What just happened? You’re just glowing.” She said, “Well, this baby just got born.” And she said, “It’s like a miracle.” You know, it’s an energy of like miraculous beauty and love. And I was just like, to this day, I just like, I can just think about that and I can feel it.


And she said, “You know, I’m just thinking of having another child. It’s such a beautiful thing to bring into the world.” And for some reason, I’m getting… I’ve never told that story to very many people, but I think, for you, Katie, that just feels so relevant because a lot of the people you serve are mothers.


And if a mother has experienced that, she’s experienced an extraordinary energy field. Because I think, when a child gets born, something happens that is amazing. And I haven’t seen a birth. And I haven’t really been close to one. But that’s the closest I’ve ever been maybe within 15 minutes, half an hour.


So, FLFE can’t create that type of environment, but it does create like a sanctuary, a sacred, like a holy place kind of environment in its own way. It depends, you know. People have a lot of influence on it. We just can’t make the environment be a certain way. But we can certainly have it be a type of, you know, a consciousness level that is unconditionally loving. And then it’s up to everybody else to add to what they can and what they want from there.


Katie: I love that you used that as an example. I’m actually a doula and have started delivery training. Probably, the six most impactful moments of my life are the six moments that my children were born. And I think you’re exactly spot on. And I’ve now had the honor of being at many births as well, and holding space for these women. And there is a very definite shift in that room, especially like leading up to and around that moment of birth.


And I remember very clearly, when my first child was born, that just overwhelming feeling of love and bliss and peace and like that connection that was immediate to him. And like having that realization of, “Wow. I love people in my life. But I’ve never experienced this level of love until this moment.”


And it was neat because that then, I feel like, rippled out to other relationships in my life. Like it upgraded my capacity to love everyone, not just my baby. And so when we talk about consciousness, I think you’re right. Moms can resonate with that innate feeling that maybe you can’t tangibly put into words so easily, but you know that feeling when it comes to your children.


I do feel like probably everyone has heard of the term consciousness by now. It’s just tossed around a lot. I think sometimes maybe it gets misused or tied into a lot of other things. But let’s go a little deeper on the idea of consciousness You mentioned Dr. Hawkins. Kind of walk us through how this is measured or maybe just give us some tangible metrics. Because I think it can feel like an abstract concept to a lot of people. So I’d love to kind of like anchor that in and make it as tangible as possible before we jump into more specifics.


Jeff: I could start and hand it off to you, Clayten. Yeah, these examples, you know, that moment of a baby being born, which I’ve experienced twice with my own children. And I was just getting goosebumps while we were talking about it.


So, you know, there’s a consciousness field there that gets activated. And then we can think about that and access it ourselves later, like you said. And as we said, there’s high fields like the cathedrals. There’s lower places, like, you know, where there’s been grief or torture, you know, tragedy of some kind. In fact, in Japan, if someone commits suicide in an apartment, people won’t rent it because there’s more likely to be another suicide. So that’s a consciousness field there.


So Dr. David Hawkins created the Map of Consciousness that goes from one, you know, there’s always some consciousness to infinity. So you could say the divinity is infinity. And in the human realm, it’s to 1000. And so on that scale, which is logarithmic, each point upward is 10 times more energy present in the field. So down below, 200 on that map, you know, there’s lethargy and depression and some of the lower energy, lower consciousness field. So like, if you’re around somebody that’s depressed, that heavy feeling, that’s a low consciousness field. And then, as you move over 200, you’re moving into hope and into the love zone at 500. And I’ll let you take it from there, Clayten, you’ve got so much experience in this.


Clayten: We do a lot of kinesiology testing, Katie, in the company. And so, unconditional love starts around 540. And around 600, you start to get into peace, 700 on the Hawkins map is enlightenment. And from 700 to 1000 are sort of the realms of the mystic enlightened beings who lived on the planet, the Buddhas, the Krishnas, the Jesus, those types of beings.


If you’re looking at some of the emotions below 200, typically, the scale of consciousness starts at 20 at shame, then 50 is kind of apathy, 100 is fear, 150 is anger, 190 is kind of excessive pride. And it’s just kind of that 200 mark is where things become positive.


So we have courage at 200, 250 is neutral, 300 is willingness. Yeah, 300-350 is willingness, like closer to 350. Then 400 is reason, when you get into logic and the professions like accounting, you know, professional standards, legal profession. And 500 is love.


And so, the FLFE environment, we guarantee it, it will be at… So we have a consciousness slider where you can actually slide the level of consciousness and move it up and down in your property. It will never take energy away. But it will add it up to that level to ensure it’s at that level or more. And you can move it from 400 to 570.


So the default for FLFE is 550. And that is the area of unconditional love, so it’s 550 out of 1000. We guarantee that 98% of the time, or whatever level you set it at, 98% of the time over a 24-hour period. Because things do happen in a house or in any environment where there’s a disruption for a little bit.


And you want to positively influence the environment, but you don’t want to take people’s control away. I mean, you’re a sovereign person. It’s not anybody’s place to control it. But we do add a lot of love to it. And then, from there, it’s what people make of it.


We also have things like boosts. You can boost the consciousness for half an hour up to 600. So those things like… Because we have a control panel, you go in, and you get to be your own consciousness experimenter, or I guess… Do we call it that, Jeff? Do we call it that? Yeah, that’s kinda the name for it, but you get to experiment with levels of consciousness in your own way of relating to it.


Katie: I think of that as I often talk about the nutrition and physical health side. And I say often to people, “You are your own primary healthcare provider and your own health researcher. And you can work with amazing practitioners and partners in that. But at the end of the day, that experimentation and that responsibility resides in each of us individually, and no one else can take over that responsibility for us.” And so I feel like this is applying that same idea to this other realm that maybe people haven’t considered.


And you mentioned kinesiology, and I’ll admit this is an area I haven’t done a ton of research on it, and I know I like have it in the past at least been skeptical about, and I’m trying to understand better. So I would love for you to explain kinesiology and how that process works a little bit if you don’t mind.


Jeff: So kind of going back to the sensitivity that we all have, so when you walk into that room, and it doesn’t feel right or the energy feels good. So we believe our bodies are instruments, strong instruments, for measuring consciousness around us, these consciousness fields.


And kinesiology is a muscle testing. So this has, you know, been pioneered by a number of people. And Dr. Hawkins took it to another level where it’s the strength of the muscle in the presence of truth. So the concept is that we’re connected in our core to all that is, whether it’s dimensional or it’s divine, however you think of it. We’re connected to all that is. And that presence of truth is strengthening to the system. And the presence of falsehood is weakening. So it’s the principle of the strength of the muscle, you know, in the presence of a statement.


So the statement, you know, it’s either true or it’s not true. And there may be gradation. So we measure on a scale where we would say, you know, on a scale of 1 to 1000, Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, level of consciousness of this property over the previous 24 hours calibrates at, you know, strong 200 or more, strong 400 or more, strong 500 or more, weak 600 or more. And then back up, you know, 520 or more strong, 530 or more, 540 or more strong, 550 weak. It’s between 540 and 550.


So, we have a team of people that do this testing. And what we do is we test individually, and then, you know, compare. So we’re doing the testing of the properties, and then Clayten and I have done millions of these kinds of tests on the development of FLFE. And yeah, it’s a bit out there.


But you see it in allergists. I went to an allergist where he had a cuff on me that measured the pressure of his finger so that it wouldn’t…you know, he wasn’t pressing harder on my arm to keep it, you know, make it go down. And then, he would hand me these jars of materials, and I would put it close to my chest, and I’d be strong, strong, until I got a jar that I was allergic to, and then it would be weak. So that was an interesting sort of a way of measuring the force the that you’re putting on the arm. And if you have another question or we can pass it on to Clayten.


Clayten: Another practical example of kinesiology that’s used in day-to-day life is allergists but also nutritionists. If you go to a nutritionist, they’ll hold supplements in front of you, and they’ll scale them as to how good they are.


And I’ve been going to chiropractors for, I don’t know, 20-something years. And although my favorite ones and the ones that I keep going back to are the ones that do kinesiology. You’re on the table. They do a couple of standard adjustments. And then, you know, typically, if I’m lying there, they’ll put my arm up, and they’ll push it down and see how strong it is. And if it’s weak, then they’ll do a couple of adjustments, and then it’s stronger, right? And they’ll go to the other arm or they’ll go to the leg. And, you know, that’s a form of kinesiology.


I don’t know much about chiropractic, but I was told there’s seven schools of chiropractic, and one of them is kinesiology focused. And that’s how it looks like in a chiropractor’s office, where they’ll assess your body. They make an adjustment. They test the strength of the muscle. And that’s how they know the adjustment is done. And so it’s used a lot in the world. It’s just the consciousness aspect of it is, it’s kind of unique. Well, it’s an emerging field. I wouldn’t say it’s unique, it’s emerging.


Katie: Yeah, and I think I’ve only ever really had exposure to it in the chiropractic context. And I’m glad I have you guys here to ask this because I’ve been so genuinely curious about this for a long time. And kind of the idea that’s been popularized recently of the idea of Biology of Belief, and if we believe something, that can influence.


And so I’ve always wondered, when it comes to kinesiology and muscle testing, does bias on the part of either the person being tested, or the tester come into play at all? I know you said it is centered in truth and true statements. I’ve just been very curious about that. Like if someone believes something is good for them, would the body respond more strongly? Or, if the tester believes something is good for them, does that impact it at all?


Clayten: One of the ways you would deal with that is you would do what we call blind testing. Let’s say that I was the calibrator. I was making the statement. You were the subject, Katie, I’ll be pushing your arm down. And Jeff was the auditor. Right? So that’s how we will typically learn kinesiology together. So you have a calibrator, a subject, and an auditor.


So in this case, the auditor wouldn’t have much of a role. But what I would do is I would make the positive declarative statement only in my mind. You would not know what I’m saying. So that’s one way to manage bias. And another way is to really have your declarative statements be pristine in their accuracy. If you get good enough at this, you can measure the level of consciousness of your statements.


And, you know, over time, there are ways to… You know, when we do our property testing, there’s usually at least three of us. So there’s ways of looking for statistical validation through mean averages of groups. There’s ways to manage it. And to say that bias doesn’t matter, I don’t think would be a fair statement. You just have to learn to manage bias.


Like if there’s a topic, you can test your level of consciousness of truth on that topic, right? And then you can test the level of conscious…of your intent towards an outcome. So there’s a bunch of things you can do to increase the odds of you getting good data in the environment, including testing unknown controls, you know, before you go in.


So it is a profession. A lot of people just think, “Oh, I could just pick up a book and learn it and a half an hour.” It’s like, well, maybe you can, but if you want to get good at it, my sense is it takes a couple of years. That’s what your experience is, Jeff, like.


Jeff: Yeah, I think the bias, it’s an important question. And some of these biases are unconscious. And that’s why we have groups, you know, because… and we’ll be working on something and two of us get one answer, one person gets another, “All right, let’s stop. Let’s…” You know, could be that one person has become dehydrated because the body needs to be in really good shape, so having hydration at a certain level. If it gets low enough…I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that we get cranky, when you get, you’re thirsty. That’s like, that’s a switch. So you’ve gone negative. So you actually get the opposite result in kinesiology when that happens.


Yeah, it’s an interesting subject. And we’ve been deep in it for 10 years or so, and Clayten much longer before that, but he taught me how to do it. And then we have a team of people in the business that assist us.


And it’s really an interesting tool. I mean, you can really discover things, the truth of something. And when it comes to research in the business… So we work with Dr. Gary Schwartz on our research team. He’s written a number of books in the University of Arizona. And he’s been a great bridge between science and some of these new energy healing techniques. He’s done quite a bit of research with biophoton cameras and Reiki and other kinds of techniques. And he’s really keen to do a kinesiology study with us this year. So we’re likely to do that this year.


Katie: It does feel like we’re in a place where we’re starting to see that merge of technology and science, understanding things that have truly kind of an age old and a lot of other practices. And it’s really fascinating to me to get to watch that progression happen. And I could go, probably ask a ton more questions about kinesiology.


But I want to make sure we actually get back to this technology, because I think you explained really clearly that feeling. And I’m sure people can think of times in their lives. Like, I’ve also walked into cathedrals and felt that shift or even places in nature, where I felt, shift, or felt it when my children were born. But also, we can’t, unfortunately, often, all of us live in those places where constantly just have babies to get to experience that. So I’d love to talk about how you guys are merging the technology with this consciousness kind of age-old science that has always existed to create this, and how we can all create these higher consciousness fields in our own lives.


Clayten: Well, we kind of stumbled upon a technology that existed. The intent, as I said, was to create a free energy device for humanity. And this gentleman’s intent was to…he was a male, right, tool and die maker, electrician. He was an older German man who was highly capable in terms of technical skills. And the way he related to divinity was really through making stuff. You know, that’s just how we did it. And some people are farmers or family man or family women or, whatever, businesspeople. And his way was to make stuff. I think it’s important to remember that intent matters a lot. And divinity expresses through everything. It expresses through nature. It’s kinda easier to find, for me, there. Some people express this through technology.


And this technology was born out of intent to serve. And he spent a lot of years at it, and I helped him refine it quite a bit, a lot. And then we took it to a whole other level. So there is an emerging group of technologies that are able to support humanity, just like the internal combustion engine supported humanity. And I’m just talking from a real broad spectrum here. Jeff, I’ll hand it over to you in a minute.


I mean, we’re talking on computers that have fiber optics, you know, or cables going into the ground, or the radio transmissions going to the air. And we’re able to be of service to your audience, Katie, and you’re able to help, you know, the women in your life that you want to connect with. So, you know, we’re pretty oriented towards service and divinity and a higher power and high consciousness fields. So that’s the way that we see the world. And that’s the way that we frame it.


And there’s all types of technologies out there. We just bought a Skinner device, which is a uses a positive electrical stimulus to help strengthen, I guess, the structure of the body where it’s used. I’ve just been getting into Jerry Tennant’s work a little bit more. He talks about the importance of voltage in the body, and how to create your positive voltage. So there’s lots of emerging technologies out there that can support us to be healthier. And, you know, we’re one of them.


Jeff: So it really is very similar to human consciousness and that mechanism of thinking of someone and then, you know, feeling love and sending them love. What we believe happens is there’s a field activated around the person that’s full of love. And that’s what they feel, and they benefit from that. And, you know, distant prayer, some of the research on just distant prayer and Reiki and other energetic medicine, at a distance is the same mechanism.


There’s a system. There’s a physical FLFE system that is, you could say, a quantum energy system, a consciousness system. So, it has, originally, the original inventor was working with similar technology to Nikola Tesla. Originally, it was high speed alternating current running through coils and plates. And it was creating an energetic field through that oscillation.


And it’s evolved since then to not need the electricity in that way. But essentially thoughts, just like us identifying someone, you know, we think of sister or brother, the FLFE system uses unique identifier. So it might be a phone number, which identifies a cellular device. It might be an address that identifies a property. It might be coordinates, you know, and the space around the coordinates. And so with that identification, then there’s a quantum connection and the field’s activated at that location. So just like human consciousness, our system works.


And so we’re putting into this system written instructions that identify that location, that has the unique identifier in it. And, you know, that is activating the field. We’ve done a number of experiments along the way to say, “How can we quantify this?” You know, how can you see this? It’s so esoteric sounding, right?


Well, what we’ve done is these blinded experiments now with plants growing. And so that activation of the field in an environment, plants are growing much faster. You know, we saw in very early preliminary experiments, 29% increase in growth. And we’re seeing a similar kind of 14% to 29% increase in yield in a large farm study that we did this past year, where we had farmers doing organic grains, ancient grains, and part of fields on FLFE, and part of it wasn’t. So we had controls. And they were measuring the bushels per acre with their sophisticated farm equipment. And there was like 14% to 28% increase in yield.


I mean, so that was, the farmer didn’t know which, you know, acres where which. And that was a follow-on to some of these other plant experiments where life is benefiting. You can see it in the plant growth. And that came out of the stories of FLFE customers. So, FLFE is a subscription service. So, I guess, we should say that where people…it’s $35, for the highest end. And then for families, we have some lower price levels for children’s phones and things like that, down to $10 or $12 a month.


But that activation in the field, people were seeing their plants growing, and they were seeing their yards looking greener, and their shrubs looking greener compared to the place down the street. And that’s what led us to these, you know, experiments. And that’s sort of the pathway for us is, we heard first from the customers and from our own experiences in the field. And then we’ve taken it into research. And we’ve done some work with IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences. They’ve done experiments on the FLFE environment. And then Dr. Gary Schwartz and our research team are working on a number of other experiments.


Clayten: Well, there is a research tab on our website where you can go in and look at the research that we did with the Institute of Noetic Sciences and with a gas discharge visualization camera in an environment which showed less chaos in the environment, more harmony. We have six or seven experiments up there. Anyway, we had one where people had, you know, those things that they put on your body, and they measure your brainwaves.


Jeff: EEG.


Clayten: EEG, yeah. I was gonna say EKG, but it was EEG. So there was an increase in certain brainwaves that are associated with, you know, peace and harmony, executive functions as well. So there’s more alpha waves than the previous one. So there’s quite a bit of research that we actually have done. So it’s not just us saying something without having evidence to back it up.


Jeff: And the brain research at IONS really came out of parents talking about changes in their children, particularly around homework and school performance. So when there’s more life-force energy in a space, so we talked about going into a cathedral and there’s that really enlivened feeling. When there’s more life-force energy available, it comes into the body and, you know, people that practice yoga might know it is prana. In Chinese medicine, it’s Qi. And that flow of Qi through the body is really important for our health.


When there’s more Qi, prana, lifeforce energy, they’re all the same thing. In the environment, our body is pulling that in and using it, including for cognition. And when there’s parts of the brain that are starved for energy because they’re working really hard, one of our FLFE, what we call programs, our suggestions in the field, is for more energy to go to the areas where there’s the least energy available. And so that has shown up in people just feeling like they have more energy through the day and performance.


At IONS – and this was a small study, and we need to follow it up with a larger study, that’s the kind of process we’re on is you do a preliminary study – there was an increase in cognitive function with a study group who were in an FLFE environment compared to people that weren’t or compared to being not in an FLFE environment prior. So that lifeforce energy available to the body is one of the general principles that we talk about. A lot of yogis and people in different Eastern philosophies are looking to concentrate prana through chanting and breath control, you know, special breathing practices. Feng Shui is designed to concentrate more energy in a space. And then, we’re a technology to add even more energy.


Katie: I’ll make sure I, you know, have that research tab you mentioned. I’ll make sure that’s linked in the show notes for everybody listening, that’s, you guys can find all of that. And I want to make sure we talk about EMFs too. So I’m gonna put that on the in the parking lot to come back to in a minute.


But first, I’d love to understand, I find it so fascinating, this idea of merging the technology with these fields of consciousness. And so, I know it’s also a little bit complicated. But can you explain a little bit more tangibly for people who may have trouble grasping, including me, on how this is then, like, focused? Like, where’s it coming from? How’s it created? And then how do we focus it on somewhere that’s far away? Because this is super fascinating.


Clayten: Well, we have a machine. And as Jeff said, it has all these coils and stacks. It pulls energy from what some people call the ether. It just pulls energy from the environment. And it focuses it and eventually concentrates it in an area where there’s a quite a high consciousness field. And then from there, it goes out these stacks. We call them output stacks. So, input stacks and output stacks. And then the bottom of the output stack, there’s an area, it used to be about this big. Katie, it was like three inches by five inches, something like that. When we’re experimenting, we would put three by five cards in there. And we make these little requests to divinity.


You know, “Dear divinity, please, help this person with, you know, they’ve got a problem with their liver. They got really bad psoriasis, please help them with their psoriasis.” And we put that in the machine. And you put the person’s picture in because they had to come into this adventurous place. They heard about them. And they would feel a positive benefit, and maybe some of their psoriasis went away.


So then we, you know, did more research on health and maybe discovered that, “Well, if your liver is more energized, then it helps with the psoriasis.” So we can make these more sophisticated requests over time. And one day, this gentleman was, well, he was taking these crystals and charging them up and putting them around his house. And that’s when Jeff came over to the space. It was an extraordinary space. And he would charge up these crystals. And so one day he had this piece of a broken tabletop, it’s a granite counter. And he put it in this space and was charging it up.


And he pulled it out, and the phone rang, and it was a friend, and he was talking to his friend, and he was on the phone for 10 or 15 minutes, and he had this piece of marble in his hand. And when he hung the phone up, he realized that the arthritis in his hand was gone, couldn’t feel any more pain. And it was because he was holding on to this piece of crystal with this super-high energy around it. And so, he put it in his other hand and went away. And then, you know, after about two weeks, he noticed that the charge went out of the crystal. But in the meantime, he’s been sending crystals to his friends, to people all over the world, and they were holding it and their arthritic pain would go away.


So we don’t make health claims. But what he did was he put a picture of…he put the people in the machine, and then people would send it back. Or he would send them a new one. It was costing like a lot of money in courier fees, which is kind of ridiculous, right? Because if you send it by mail, and they only lasted two weeks, we’re gonna have a week when it got to ship overnight, and it would cost a lot of money.


So then we figured out that we could take a picture of the crystal, and if it was a high enough resolution, you could put that in the machine, and it would charge a crystal from the other side of the planet. So he had all these pictures of all these crystals in the machine and people were holding on that and their arthritis was going away. And so that’s how it works, Katie. It was based upon the principle, as Jeff said earlier, of the unique identifier. So you had to have a picture of the crystal.


What we eventually figured out is we could put… So we made this output, this high consciousness field at the bottom of the output stack bigger and bigger and bigger. So it’s like three feet tall. We’re putting all these addresses in it, you know, and we made our own machine and taking them out. It was like such a nuisance. Then one day, we figured that we could put instructions in there to tell the technology to go to the database and take the instruction from the database and create that same field anywhere in the world. So that was the evolution of it.


So now we have this database, and we make these requests to divinity as Jeff said. Like, “You know, please do this. Please do that. Please do this.” All those good things you can imagine that you would ask for someone that you cared about. That’s what we do. We asked for all these things to happen. And, you know, we can’t really control what happens. We do have a lot of influence over the level of consciousness at the environment. And then we make all these requests. And then, it seems that if the person has alignment with these request, they happen quicker. And if the person is really resistant to the positive requests, well, that’s their own free will. Right. So we can’t make you have the life you want, but it does give you 10 times more energy with every increase in your level of consciousness.


So, let’s say, right now, the average home in America is about 250 out of 1000 on the Hawkins’ map. Now, back in 2019, it probably would have been, I know, 350 or 380, like that’s the average, right? So you’re going up, perhaps two or 300 points on the Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness in a home. And every one of those points is 10 times more energy. So it’s a very subtle energy. But you have that much more energy to focus on the things you want and create the life that you’re intending. So that’s kind of how it works.


Katie: Jeff, did you have any follow-up, or can I move into the EMF angle?


Jeff: No, I think that’s great to move into that because it relates to how it works, too.


Katie: Yeah, I figured that will lead to some good follow-up. I know for moms, a lot of moms, this is a top-of-mind topic because, obviously, we have much more of these EMFs in our life than we did a couple decades ago and certainly than we did a couple 100 years ago. And now with 5G, that’s a big topic for a lot of moms and kinda the constant exposure to these different EMFs.


So I would love to hear, I know you guys have done research on this and that there’s a way that this actually can help with this EMF equation, but can you walk us through and explain what’s going on in that situation?


Jeff: Yes. So as we mentioned, we’re testing properties for their level of consciousness to reach our promised level. Every day, new properties come in on. Every week, on Saturday, all the properties on the system. And we noticed, we were getting properties that weren’t at the level. They were 10 points, 20 points lower. And so we would find a property through using kinesiology. We’d call the customer. And we’d ask if anything’s changed. And they were telling us, very consistently, that a smart meter, you know, bank was put in last week, or a new cell tower just got turned down across the street, or we just got a new router. That there was a connection between a lower consciousness environment and a new EMF influence.


And so, we realized that, you know, that’s an indicator of a lower health level, lower energy level, and less lifeforce energy there. That’s kind of our perspective on EMFs, that we look at energy or consciousness lowering EMFs. Because some things, some EMFs, are positive, you know. The energy that our hearts emit when we’re feeling love. And there’s energies from the earth, vibrations from the earth that are positive, from the sun.


So what we did is we researched, you know, what is the most appropriate material to harmonize EMFs? So you could try to block and deflect, absorb – if you’re deflecting, it’s going to somebody else’s house is to harmonize it or to put an overlay on it that has it become positive. And so shungite is the material that we discovered in our research that many people have also used. And it’s something you can experiment with at home. You can get sheets of shungite, and you can put it on to a router, or onto a smart meter bank.


And what we’ve done with the FLFE technology is, so like I said, you have to back up just a little. So we believe that there’s an energetic essence associated with every material. And you can look at homeopathy and other means that use very, very low amounts of material to have an effect where the body is signaled by that material, that we believe that is the energetic essence of that material.


And so, you maybe are getting into multidimensional, perhaps, topics. But we were able, we believe, to grab the interdimensional essence of shungite and to add it to the service. And then to request it to move into EMF sources that are lowering consciousness. So we talked about this on webinars. You know that we were planning this and the way we work is we do it on ourselves, in our environments, then we expand to our staff. And then we expand it to our customers. But we didn’t…. People were just talking about it. And they said, “Wow, I’m having a terrible time with EMFs. I want to try this as soon as possible.”


So we did a beta group with customers who were self-selecting. You know, they were saying, “I really am suffering terribly.” And so, we did. And there’s a survey in our EMF section about that. So we did a survey after people came on. So we did this small group where we added the EMF mitigation, we call it, to the environment with the energetic essence of shungite. And we also raised the level of consciousness of the EMF-emitting devices. And at some point, they become positive. So there’s some overlay of positive energy, we don’t quite understand how it works, that’s on top of this EMF wave.


But we always want to test. So we had this initial survey. And people were saying that it was the best sleep, you know, that they were able to sleep the next night better than they have in just years. In other people where just, “My pain went away.” “My anxiety level dropped.” “My brain fog lessened.” And some of that took some time to happen. But we believe that in an environment where EMFs are mitigated, that the body starts to repair the damage of all the perturbation that’s occurring to us every day. And for me, personally, it’s anxiety. I feel like tension in my muscles when I’m in an environment that’s high in EMFs. And if I turn off/turn on EMF mitigation with FLFE, then I feel myself relaxing. And that’s what a lot of people reported.


And a lot of anxiety with children too. We get a lot of testimonials where people say when the service first came on, children became less anxious, less irritable, easier to work with. So we have that research, and we have some controlled blinded studies coming through a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania with, again, people that are EMF sensitive. And they won’t know whether they’re on the service or not. It’s going to be a six-month study. So we’re in the process of getting that going.


Clayten: We do have some research on our website currently, Katie. We found that with the nature of the subtle energy of FLFE that you have to find the right devices to measure that influence. Some devices just don’t pick it up. So we found that a gas discharge visualization camera was something that could really measure the influence.


So we did a gas discharge visualization camera study, which is on our website. We did it with Melissa Waterman, who was the practitioner who worked with Dr. Joe Dispenza, when he was trying to measure the influence of consciousness fields. He might not have called it that. But they would be in an environment, and they would do, you know, experiments where they would measure the environment with the GDV camera. And then they would leave the environment and focus energy on it and see what would happen in the environment with a GDV camera.


So there were experiments like that. I’m 99% sure he did that. I’m not the one to speak to it, unless I’m 100%. But they did experiments like that where they were looking at what’s the effect of this teaching, and what’s the effect of meditation, and what’s the effect of intent on an environment. So we use the same practitioner, and we have evidence of that on our website, as well. So, I mean, we’re talking about a lot of nonlinear esoteric concepts. And these express in the 3D physical world, and we have, you know, evidence that relates to proving that. And we have more coming.


It feels like we used to be so excited about our evidence, and then we have so much more coming. It’s like, “Oh, it’s new evidence. That’s really exciting.” We had this already good evidence, right? But we’re getting more and more, so we’re looking to have what we call a gold standard in research and development in this area. And it takes time because it’s a relatively new area of science and there’s not as many resources there are in other areas.


Jeff: So we feel that subscribers are the best or someone trying to…is the best researcher. So we built that into it where there’s a free trial. There’s no credit card. There’s no automatic billing. You actually have to work to become a subscriber after the free trial is over.


But the people have a control panel, and they can turn EMF mitigation off and they can turn it back on, turn it on and off as much as they want and see how they feel. Because we really want people to try it out. And you can turn the service off and on, you can do the boost that we said, to raise the level. You can lower the level. So that to us is the first level of research, is, what’s the FLFE community feeling, and give them the tools that they can use to do that.


And we find that, primarily, women, our audience, you know, our community is mostly women. It’s right in the high 80%. They don’t tell their family all the time. So they really look to see what’s happening with their children and maybe with their husband, their partner. So they do blinded studies. You know, it’s a way to see what’s happening. And some of the stories are really touching.


Katie: I love that. And that ties into our earlier conversation about being your own primary healthcare provider and health researcher. That’s a great circle that we created there.


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And I feel like the EMF topic could become its own whole podcast. And hopefully it will be, as you guys do continued research on this, I’d love to circle back on it. But I love that you mentioned the idea of harmonizing versus just blocking because I think, I’ve said this before, like EMFs are a thing that exists in our modern world. We can’t fully hide from them. Even if we lived in the middle of nowhere, they now are in space and directed at the planet, we can’t avoid them.


So that brings the question of how do we mitigate? Or I love the word harmonize even more. And then more accurately, like, how do we test that moving forward? Because we’re talking about very nuanced technology and simple EMF meters, they might test the presence of those things, they might not test the effect on the body. And I think that’s the actual important question because something might be present. But if it’s not harmfully affecting the body or been positively affecting the body, we’re not really measuring what we think we’re measuring. And so, I love that you guys are getting very specific in that research.


And I love that you brought up things like grounding and the sun, which are wonderful sources of EMFs that I think often get discounted. And I’m a big fan of telling people, “When you wake up, go outside in the sunlight barefoot for 15 minutes, and that’s one of the best medicines you can get and it’s free.” And that you kind of tie in that concept into this technology, which I know you’ve talked about.


I’ll make sure that that free trial is linked in the show notes for you guys listening. That link will be at And you can also learn. There’s so much more information on your website than we have time to go into in an hour’s podcast. But like I said, maybe we can circle back and go very, very deep on EMFs, as more and more research develops from you guys.


But I do feel like we had an amazing starting point and fascinating conversation about this topic. I know, like I said at the beginning, this is a new concept for a lot of people. It can be hard to grasp. You mentioned some resources, including Dr. Hawkins’ work. I’ll link to that in the show notes as well, for anybody who’s not familiar, and would like to do some really, really fun reading. And I want to respect your time and the audience time today. But before we wrap up, I would love to hear if there are any books that have had a really profound impact on either of your lives and if so, what they are and why.


Clayton: Maybe, I’ll start, we’ve been talking about kinesiology a lot. And Dr. Hawkins’ first book, “Power vs. Force,” it’s a New York Times bestseller. I pretty well dog eared my copy. The pages are falling out because I’ve had it open. You know, I opened it up and forget to close it. And, of course, that affects binding. So that would be one for me.


I could say some other Hawkins. Dr. Hawkins has a book I think it’s called, “Healing and Recovery” or Health and Healing. I’m drawing a blank right now. It’s a green one with the green stripe. That’s been a big one. For any time that I’ve had a health challenge, I’ll go on to that. Well, I’ll pass over to you, Jeff.


Jeff: I think the recent book that’s had a large impact on me is, “Super Synchronicity” by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz. And its extensive research into synchronicities and how they’re just so beyond chance. You know, they’re just almost impossible. And what they tell us, and for me, it was that those synchronicities are pointing the way to some either way of living or connection to someone else that will fulfill some intention that I have that those synchronicities show up. And that it’s a way of divinity speaking, you could say, or a direction in the flow of the universe. So I was really struck by his scientific rigor that he brought to really studying synchronicity. So that was one that really, really got me.


Katie: That is a new recommendation for me. I’ll put that in the show notes. And I also just added it to my Kindle. So, I’m excited to jump into that one. This was such a fun conversation. Like I said, I know we went into some topics that might really be new ones for a lot of people. And I know that you guys have a lot of research. If people are interested in learning more or maybe feel like they still don’t understand how one of these things we’ve talked about works, and so I’ll put some more detailed links to all of those. For you guys, if you’re listening while you’re driving, or you’re exercising, you could find all those in the show notes.


Any parting words or advice for anyone? It could be related to this or not. I don’t, if I can get my own. But one that I have in relation to consciousness and our own expression into the world I love, and any interaction with someone to ask the question, like how can I love this person best in this moment? But I would love to hear any parting advice that either of you have.


Clayton: I’ll start with that, maybe to give you a moment to think, Jeff. I didn’t know you were a doula. Or you were involved in birthing other children. So I don’t know if that’s a super synchronicity. But that’s a cool synchronicity. And I just got told to tell that story. Sometimes, it’s interesting to wonder where our thoughts come from, really, it is interesting. We’ve explored that with kinesiology, you know, when we believe there’s angelic realms, and when you ask divinity for help, and to bless other people, you get helped.


And I think love begets more love. And I know that your intention towards people you serve, Katie, is high, and it’s one of the things we kind of tested when we were looking at talking to you. And it’s like, “Wow, she really cares about the people she talked to.” So it was grateful to be in the company of other people who have good intent. And for some reason, my inner science geek wants to just leave people with a possible experiment, besides all the control panel and things in FLFE. Well, actually this does relate to the control panel.


You know, there’s an EMF…because your audience really is interested in that, you could put your hands on your router and then have somebody turn the EMF mitigation on and off on your control panel in FLFE, and see if your body moves towards it or away from it, or a smart meter. Smart meters, I really notice. I don’t notice routers as much, but smart meters, it’s like, wow, the energy, when I just hold that, it’s like it starts to… I feel like I start to shrivel. And then when I turn on the EMF mitigation in the control panel, then it’s like I can just breathe and relax. I feel like my posture gets better. It’s a really practical, you know, do-it-yourself example of something you can just try, you know. It doesn’t cost you anything. And we love to experiment. We’re kind of geeks, so I just try to pass that on.


Jeff: Yeah, and talking about fields of consciousness around us all the time and these peak experiences that we’ve had in our lives, like births. There’s some timeless nature about those experiences where, I would say, let’s experiment by just remembering or putting yourself back in that birth, that moment, or some peak experience. And that feeling is just there. Like, it’s just today. Like, it’s happening right now.


And that there’s a timelessness in these fields that we can then use to access anytime that we need to boost, you know, that we’re in a, you know, tough situation where our frustration or at the end of our patience, to call in that peak moment, that field to activate that field around us. And that resource help ourselves to be more resource in that moment. So, I’d just leave with that.


Katie: I love it. I think that’s a perfect place to put a pin in it for today. But hopefully future conversations to come. And for all of you listening, definitely check out the other research available on their website, as well as their 14-day free trial. Unlike most things on the internet, you can actually just try it. You don’t have to enter your credit card and give them your first child or anything crazy to try it. You can just do it.


And I’m very curious to hear from all of you listening, especially on the EMF thing and the self-experimentation. This is, like I said, a topic that we are all going to deal with in our lifetimes. And I think there’s great ways to do it that aren’t just living in a cave. So I’m very grateful for you both being here today and sharing your research, which is, I think, a new fascinating realm for a lot of people listening and I’m just learning about myself, so deep gratitude, and thank you to you both.


Clayten: Thank you, Katie.


Jeff: Thank you, Katie.


Katie: And as always, thanks to all of you for listening and sharing your most valuable resources, your time, your energy, and your attention with us all today. We’re so grateful that you did. And I hope that you will join me again on the next episode of “The Wellness Mama Podcast.”


If you’re enjoying these interviews, would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on iTunes for me? Doing this helps more people to find the podcast, which means even more moms and families could benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time, and thanks as always for listening.

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