Causes & How To Get Rid Of The Bumps

You can get ingrowns anywhere you have hair follicles—including, yes, your eyebrows. Essentially, the wisps of hair can become trapped underneath the skin as it grows, which can result in a tiny, pimple-like mound. Ingrowns may happen more if you have coarse or curly brow hairs, says brow expert Joey Healy, but they’re super common, especially if you’re partial to a regular eyebrow wax or threading session. 

“When you’re waxing or threading, you’re generalizing the direction of growth,” Healy adds, which can potentially break the hair. “When a hair breaks at the surface of the skin or right below, that’s a problem. You want to remove the hair in its entirety.”  

And because the skin around the eyes is so sensitive, the bumps can be more painful than other types of ingrowns. “The hair quality in the brow is often a little bit coarser than, say, a hair on your arm,” adds Healy. That coarser hair plus sensitive skin is a perfect recipe for ingrowns, which is why they’re so common in the brow area. 

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