Boiron’s Calendula Cream Review + Benefits Of This Botanical

If you’ve ever seen calendula oil on the back of a skin care bottle, it’s referring to the oil extracted from marigolds (the common name). When applied topically, it boasts a few perks including: 

It’s anti-inflammatory: Calendula oil has been shown to significantly improve inflammatory skin conditions like diaper rash (an inflammatory skin reaction in infants) and localized, radiation-induced dermatitis in those receiving treatment for breast cancer. While there isn’t extensive research done on calendula cream being used for eczema, many people look to its calming and soothing properties to aid in the inflammation that comes along with eczema dry patches. 

It contains antioxidants: Marigolds contain carotenoids and flavonoids, which are two different antioxidants. Because of this property, the plant has been shown to help wounds heal faster, plump skin through hydration and circulation, and (again) prevent inflammation. 

It’s hydrating: Due to the fatty acids in the calendula oil—like linoleic acid—it provides nutrients to help support your skin barrier function. This is essential at all times, especially when your skin has been compromised from weather, over-exfoliation, etc. 

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