Baking With Banana Peel Flour Adds Nutrients To Your Cookies

Looking specifically at sugar cookies prepared with varying amounts of banana peel flour substituted for wheat flour, this study published in ACS Food Science & Technology discovered several benefits. Compared to “control” cookies (i.e., with no banana additions), cookies that had 15 percent of wheat flour substituted with banana peel flour had the highest level of moisture (important for cookie consistency) and micronutrient content, plus an increase in antioxidant properties without changing the flavor or appearance of the cookie.

“Banana flour is mostly made of carbohydrates, but it also provides some fiber and protein,” registered dietitian Mia Syn, RDN previously told mbg. Although cookies in the control group of wheat flour contained the highest volume of protein and fat, the overall nutritional value was improved by mixing banana peel flour with wheat flour while baking. If you’re sold on adding banana peels into your diet, may we recommend banana peel “bacon” as well?

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