An mbg beauty & gut collagen+ Review For Hydrated Skin*

I love the idea of supplementing with high-quality products to support my health, but I just can’t get behind taking pills every day. The perfect example: I had collagen pills on my shelf for just over a year and didn’t touch them once. Not because I didn’t think they would work but more because they just didn’t fit well into my day-to-day. (Editor’s note: We believe powders are the best form, anyway, as they are able to deliver the most potent amount of collagen.)

It’s harder for me to incorporate capsules into my routine, as opposed to something with a flavor I enjoy or with a natural place in my preexisting health rituals. Hence, why I was way more successful with powder collagen supplements than pills. 

I heard about the mbg beauty & gut collagen+ through Dave Asprey, a world-renowned biohacker, host of the health podcast The Human Upgrade, and New York Times bestselling author of The Bulletproof Diet. After reading through the robust list of ingredients that benefit the whole body, in addition to supporting aging skin, I knew I had to give it a try.*

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