An Endocrinologist Reveals The Key To Optimal Vitamin D Status

“Vitamin D is fat-soluble and, thus, better absorbed when administered in a fatty packaging,”* Henderson explains. “So, we typically recommend forms of vitamin D3 that are more highly bioavailable, meaning that they are packaged along with oils or fats.”*

With 5,000 IU of organic, algal-sourced vitamin D3 and a trio of built-in organic oils (avocado, flaxseed, and extra-virgin olive) for enhanced bioavailability, our vitamin D supplement fits the bill and stands out from the crowd of other D options. “mbg’s vitamin D3 potency+ delivers organic plant-derived vitamin D3 packaged in a fat-soluble envelope of oils. With this innovative technology, vitamin D3 potency+ can achieve optimal D3 levels and keep them there,”* Henderson shares. 

Indeed, a premium daily D3 supplement is an effective solution to the nationwide dilemma (actually it’s a global problem) that can’t be widely solved with sunshine and diet alone—but vitamin D supplements are created far from equal. “The formulation of vitamin D3 is the most important variable,” says Henderson. “It has to be packaged as highly bioavailable or it just won’t work!”

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