Americans Are Failing On These Key Heart & Longevity Metrics

There’s tons of room for improvement when it comes to overall American heart health. Thankfully, all of the heart health metrics laid out by the AHA are modifiable! Taking actions to upgrade your sleep habits, diet, and exercise routine are easily attainable (and will certainly pay off in the long run).

Another easy and effective way to improve your heart health with daily intention? Take a high-quality omega-3 supplement like mbg’s omega-3 potency+!* 

With 1,500 milligrams of EPA plus DHA derived from sustainably sourced, wild-caught anchovies from the cold waters of the South Pacific, this premium fish oil delivers a high-potency dose of omega-3 fatty acids that help promote healthy blood flow (to the heart and the brain), help maintain healthy blood pressure, and support overall heart health and longevity.*

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