A Cardamom & Ginger Granola Recipe With Healthy Ingredients

Then, of course, there’s the pièce de résistance: mindbodygreen organic veggies+. This greens powder is packed with 31 powerhouse ingredients, including organic sea vegetables, dark leafy greens, root vegetables, berries, and herbal botanicals. What’s more, it contains digestive enzymes, prebiotic fibers, and probiotics to support healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.*

All together, this granola contains ingredients to support blood sugar balance, gut health, satiety, and more—and I can’t get enough of it. Sprinkle on top of your smoothie bowl, toss it on yogurt, pour homemade oat milk on top for a crunchy cereal, or eat it on its own as a little snack. Now, be right back, I have to go make another batch.

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