9 New Moon Rituals For Love, Release, Manifestation + More

Each moon phase relates to different stages or evolutions of a goal, intention, or cycle. When we understand the energy at play with each phase, we can work with it through things like rituals, to amplify the power of our intentions.

As the AstroTwins previously wrote for mbg, new moons have two “windows” or timelines for working with them. “Astrologically speaking, new moons occur when the sun and the moon are at the exact same degree in the same zodiac sign. Full moons happen when they are in opposite zodiac signs but at the same degree. Every new moon will culminate in a corresponding full moon six months later,” they explain.

So, you can set short-term goals between new and full moons every two weeks, and/or set more long term goals for what you’d like to build over the next six months, using rituals to keep up your momentum. (For example, a Pisces new moon will fall during Pisces season in February or March, with the full moon two weeks later, and then the Pisces full moon will arrive during Virgo season in August or September.)

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