570: Antony Bartlett on Tai Chi, Meal Planning, and Why Food (really) Is Love

I’m excited to say that Katy Bowman is here today! In fact I think she’s the most requested guest to date, so many of you listening will be especially interested in today’s episode.
Katy is the movement mastermind behind the award-winning blog and podcast Nutritious Movement (formerly Katy Says) that reaches thousands of people every month. She’s blogged for 10 years on the topic of movement and its importance to health. Along the way she also found time to author 8 books, including the best-selling Move Your DNA and Movement Matters.
A biomechanist by training, Katy pioneers research on the effects of our modern sedentary culture and the profound potential of human movement. She’s convinced me that movement can be just as nutritious as food … and she’s not just talking about getting to the gym.
To find out what she is talking about, stick around!
Katy Bowman on Nutritious Movement
If you’ve been around my blog, you may have noticed I have some strong feelings on eating real, nutritious foods and avoiding empty, toxic ones like sugar and processed oils. Well the way I feel about sugar and processed foods is the way Katy Bowman feels about sitting still.
Deprive your body of its daily dose of movement, she says, and it’s just as bad as not eating your vegetables.
The amazing part is that regular exercise doesn’t even undo the effects of sitting for long hours in a desk chair or on your couch. Research shows that too much sitting can lead not only to obesity but higher rates of cancer, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It can even shorten our life span.
So what’s a healthy …

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