5 Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses + More

At work, the ISTP type to bring their problem-solving skills to the table, and as Hackston explains, they have “no issues adjusting their plans if they notice there’s a better and more efficient way to solve a problem.” For them, having that freedom to explore is important, and “they may find dealing with strict schedules and detailed planning challenging,” he adds.

On top of that, their excellent technical and mechanical skills make them apt for business or finance, and they also love the outdoors and hands-on physical activities. Combined with their scientific mindset, Nardi says they can make great biologists, chemists, anthropologists, etc., along with other hands-on paths like mechanics, rangers, lab techs, and athletes.

These are also not the folks to call on for brainstorming, conceptualizing, or big-picture planning, due to their preference for immediate solutions. “They may deem these as a waste of their time. ISTPs find abstract theories with no practical application uninteresting and are keen on working on concrete and clear action points,” Hackston explains.

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